10 Foods to Avoid When Trying to Lose Weight

Although regular exercise and close monitoring of diet and nutrients from your food are the best methods to losing weight, you should also be aware that there are food that can sabotage your diet. Here are the food and drinks you need to avoid if you are trying to lose weight.


You can usually find this in commercial breakfast food and energy bars, but you should stay away from them because it has added sugars and can make you crave for sweets even more. Simple sugars can ruin your diet because you will feel hungry even more.

Flavored Yogurt

Plain yogurt is good for you, but you should avoid flavored yogurt sold at stores in Singapore is you want to avoid the extra carbs. Th excess sugar from the extra ingredients pack more sugar than regular ice cream. If you want to enjoy flavored yogurt, fitness experts suggest making your own recipes instead of buying commercial flavored packs.

White Rice

If possible, avoid white rice if you want to enjoy a healthy, guilt-free diet. White rice does not have the same nutrients are brown rice does and can cause spikes in blood sugar levels.

Smoothies and Green Juices

Sure, they’re yummy and packed with nutrients, but smoothies can be loaded with carbs and calories without you even knowing it. So, try to avoid using too much milk, peanut butter, and ice cream when creating your own smoothing.

It’s also easy to make that same mistake when it comes to green juices just because they’re labeled healthy, but you need to read the ingredients carefully.


You can still eat pasta, but make sure you pick whole-wheat varieties instead of refined ingredients. Whole grain pasta can make you feel full for a long time and will not add the extra carbs you will get in fast food pasta.

Diet Soda

Don’t let the word “diet” fool you, because diet soda is till packed with sugar. Plus, it does not have any nutritional value that your body needs, so just avoid it altogether.

Sugary Drinks

If you like fruit juices, you should create one at home instead of buying commercial fruit juices at shops. Most of these drinks contain sweeteners full of calories.

Energy Bars

Having mentioned granola already, you should also avoid any type of energy bar altogether because they are packed with lots of calories. They are energy bars for a reason.


Yes, they’re yummy and healthy but they are also packed with calories like milk. If you don’t want to give up cheese altogether, you can still eat a few slices per day.

Caesar Salad

Modify your usual salad by avoiding dressings, cheese, and croutons because these are high in fat and calories which can sabotage your diet.