Not all investors are equipped with the knowledge when it comes to evaluating their yields. Investors will simply delegate all the tasks to a person and do nothing except receive the yields. This is not good. More than anyone else, you have to know and understand how you calculate your Return on Investment (ROI).

Singaporean investors should be knowledgeable when it comes to their ROI so they will not lose money. There are a lot of investments here in Singapore but you have to be sure that it will yield correctly. Here are some mistakes investors make:

  • Wrong calculation of Net Rental Yield (NRY): As an investor, you have to evaluate your yield for the specific property you just purchased. That is necessary but what’s get wrong? If the investor calculated a higher NRY when in fact it could be less. As a result, the investor will expect too much (theoretical) but receive less (actual) in the long run.
  • Error of reading financial statements: Novice investors are still familiarizing the market. These people still do not know how to do or read financial statements. That is understandable but unless you put an effort to learn it, you will always speculate and you will surely lose a lot of money along the process.
  • Wrong measuring tools for valuing a property: Gurus know what measuring tools to consider but if you are to do it alone, you will be confused. Gurus usually gauge the value of property using the indicative bank valuations, developer’s cost based approach, cost of land approach and many more.

Now that you know common mistakes, you can be cautious from now on. This is serious since it involves money. Be careful about your dealings and more importantly, you have to be knowledgeable.

You travelled in and out of Singapore myriad of times. Flight attendants always remind you to turn off your mobile phones. You just comply without knowing the reason. What is the reason behind this? The use of mobile phones aboard airplanes is restricted to avert disruption to the cellular towers on ground.

In United States, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) permits the use of wireless devices during the flight only if the airline determined that the device will not restrict aircraft navigation or communication.  Since most of airline companies restrict the use of mobile phones while airborne, it became a habit of all passengers to turn off their mobile phones.

Many passengers are insistent that the airlines allow the use of mobile phones. You should know that there are airlines that now deregulate the use of mobile phones. Qantas and Virgin are proud to announce that Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) granted their request to change the rule about mobile phones.

Other airlines are expected to follow the lead of Qantas and Virgin. What prompted the CASA to grant the request of both airlines? CASA said that their aircrafts are now designed with the technology that can deal with electromagnetic interference. However, when the aircraft door is closed, everyone is encouraged to turn their phones in “flight mode”.

Just do what the authorities say to ensure a safe and smooth travel. Do not oppose the authorities because they know what they are doing. So, the next time you fly in and out of Singapore, be sure to turn off your phones.

There are a lot of reasons why parents scold their children. One common reason is carelessness. For sure, you will say everything to a child once you are mad without thinking that you hurt them much. The phrases you say that “You do not belong to this family” or “Your nothing but a burden and many more can hurt your child.

Being a good parent is not by scolding them too much because there are so many things that could happen once you reprimand your child. For some teens, suicide is the easiest way to get over their problem while others just keep their mouth shut.

To avoid this, you should always think about the words that you are going to say especially to your child. When a child hears this phrase, they become confident on the things they do. However, if this is repeatedly used even the simplest job a kid made, it’s a big problem. This is because a child may rely on something that they think correct.

For instance, your child killed the rat and you said “good job.” He will think that it is good to kill a rat where the truth is, it is very dangerous to kill a rat. Aside from that, your child might think that killing is good. You can motivate your child as long as you know the things that should be praised.

Getting a good grade us a good job compared to listening to the lesson that a teacher explain. By making thus, your child will be more confident to do the things which he think is good. In summary, you must choose what events your child has done and assess the things that are worthy to be praised.

Every day, adults feel stressed, most commonly from their work. They have no time to relax as there are many things to do not just at work but also at home. One of the problems that adults encounter at home is their children. This is the most common complain of most parent because there are kids that are too careless making them difficult to deal with. There are also children who can take away all your stress.

Balancing Your Work and Family Life

In reality, the two situations have a big possibility to take place most especially that a child is below 6 years old. On the other hand, if it reaches the age of 10 up to 15, you don’t have to worry like he’s a kid because he can decide on his own but he will still be dependent on his parents. During the time that your child is about to finish his studies, there’s a last wave of burden to carry. At this point, you have to work hard in order to sustain to your family. By the time you are finished with your duties and obligations to your family, you can now retire and make something different that you have never tried in your entire life.

Middle-Aged People are Happier

Many adults today (particularly in the age of 55-60) become happier because of they are just focusing on how they should live their life happier. Adults have less stress because they stopped working and starting a new life wherein they are just sitting and doing nothing. Most of them are happy. They don’t have to think about their children going to school. They don’t think about bills and many more. All they think is rest and reminiscing their weary times in the past.

Singapore is always on top when it talks about rankings in Southeast Asia and also around the world. Aside from the tall buildings that the country boasts, restaurants here have excellent services and commendable staffs. When it comes to the satisfaction level of the customers, you can assure that you are eating to a place that is filled with many delicious foods. Moreover, it is guaranteed that foodstuffs here in the country are safe to eat.

Eating is one pastime of Singaporeans. As a matter of fact, it is the nation’s hobby. Therefore, it is not surprising that there are a lot of restaurants that are seen in the country. Based on the data, there are more or less 6,500 foods establishments that are listed in the past years and the number still continue. Because of this, Singapore may be declared as the food capital in Asia or may be around the world.

Almost all restaurants all over the globe receive complaints on their customers. Hence, there is a need to improve the services and other things which are needed to be developed so that the next customers will be satisfied about your services. Through this, there is a big chance that your food company will boost and be popular. So far, here in Singapore, the services of food stalls in the country are being praised most especially by many foreign visitors. This is because of the services, the staffs and the delightful foods which are delicately served.

Obviously, there are a lot of places and things in Singapore that they can boast. One of this is the Changi Airport. Lately, the airport has been recognized as the world’s best airport in the world. Why? This is because of the following:

  • Free Internet Surfing – For sure, you want to open your Twitter or Facebook account during your arrival at the airport. To have a free internet surfing, just present your passport at the information center and some airport officers will give you the password for the Wi-Fi that will last for 4 hours. Here’s a tip: If you will as the officers politely, they will give you 8 hours of free internet surfing.
  • Free Movie Watching – While waiting for your next flight, you can watch movies at the terminal 2 and 3 of the airport. However, be mindful of your flight time so that you will not be left by the plane.
  • Free Foot Massage – Indeed, this is what people need upon arrival at the airport. One needs to relax and settle down. Thus, massage is the answer. At Changi airport, you will have a free 15 minutes of foot massage.
  • Free Sleep at the Sleeping Area – Since Changi is an international airport, it is not evitable that there are passengers who are just passing over the airport while waiting for long hours for the next flight. Hence, there airport management decided to make a sleeping lounge for passengers who have long hours to wait.

Aside from the mentioned freebies, there are many good things about Changi Airport that will amaze all visitors who come and go at the airport.