Do you often wonder why the person you like does not share the same ideals, and feelings as you? Here is your guide to the reasons behind your dilemma.


  1. You’re not his type. At this stage, no amount of flirting or pleasing him would make him like you. He’s made his choice there is no changing that. A “NO” in a man’s world will always remain as a “NO.”


  1. You’re too clingy. During the first days of getting to know a guy, he would want the attention but when the days progress don’t get too attached, guys hate it when a woman tries too hard. If he wants you, you don’t need to chase him, he doesn’t require being chased, and he’ll come to you when he wants to. Be patient.


  1. You’re easy to get. Do not be constantly available. You are not obliged to reply to his texts nor answer his calls immediately. Be convenient enough to say no. It will only make him want you more. This is your goal: To make him chase.


  1. You talk too much. Guys hate it when you run out of topics to talk about because you’ve been blabbering all night on your first date. If this is the case, you won’t get a second date even if you begged for it. One tip: Go with the flow. A guy wants a smooth and enjoyable conversation that requires his participation too.


  1. He’s gay. We should consider all the possibilities. There is the possibility that you like the same people, men. In this case, there’s nothing wrong with you or him, you just like different things. Accept it and move on.


  1. He sees you as a friend. Accept the fact that he got used to the reality that you are his friend. He doesn’t want to ruin the friendship. It’s easier to play your part as his friend so that maybe one day he’ll see you in a different light and eventually ask you out.


  1. He likes someone else. The hard part about this is the “someone else” being your best friend. Now, that is a blow. But, what most people don’t realize is the best friend always gets the man, eventually through time. Our advice is: Stay who you are, don’t change yourself to be somebody you’re not. If he’s destined to be with you, he will be in the end.


Do you feel like you’ve lost your amazing fashion touch even when exposed to fashion reality shows and although residing in a city of fashion icons? Follow these steps to climb back to the top of the fashion pyramid.


  1. Be original. With the vast growing fashion style in Singapore, people often lose their sense of fashion. To regain this glorious momentum, we should start by being original. Creating your own fashion statement would surely make people’s heads turn.


  1. Own your outfit. The problem usually starts with confidence. A good outfit but no sense of confidence? Screams a very big NO. We should walk the walk and talk the talk. You are what you wear so brand yourself by owning your outfit.


  1. If you’ve got it flaunt it. The best part about branding yourself is knowing your assets. Do not be afraid to flaunt that beautiful part of your body that allows people to take that second glance. Show them what beauty nature has given you.


  1. Use the element of surprise. Do you often feel like you’ve brought your best to the palate but you still don’t feel satisfied? The secret is, the element of surprise. Whether it’s something really absurd or a vintage scarf, you wouldn’t believe how outstanding it is to have a little contrast to your outfit. It would not only surprise the bystanders, it would surprise you as well. Nobody can pull it off better than you.


  1. Go for vintage. The style this year, like high waist jeans does not necessarily look like the one’s from the 80’s. In a subtle and dazzling way spice up the clothes from your archive and you’ll realize that the revival will never come back the same way. So indulge and be amazed with the difference. Our advice: Make a new fashion statement. Be a leader not a follower.