Vitamin B12 deficiency is a silent destroyer. If you ignore it and think that it is just a petty thing, it will affect your productivity and your relationships. Having this deficiency means not enough red blood cells that carry oxygen through the body. It can lead to anaemia. If you are anaemic, you will feel tired, weak and lethargic at all times no matter the hours of rest you took.


You should know that the body cannot produce enough vitamin B12 alone for all bodily function so you need outside sources. With this, it is important that you eat the right kind of food and of course with the recommendation of your physicians. Here are the foods that you should consider:

  • Eggs: Eggs are an excellent source of vitamin B12 especially the raw yellow portion. If you have duck or goose eggs, you can consume it.


  • Cheese: You have to be reminded that not all types of cheese are rich in vitamin B12. You should particularly look for Feta, Parmesan, Swiss and Mozzarella cheeses. These cheeses have high amounts of vitamin B12 do not worry.


  • Lamb: Meat from the lamb can be an excellent source of vitamin B12. In fact, lamb meat alone can give you 60% of recommended daily usage. That contribution is big.


  • Beef: Speaking of meat, you can always lean on beef for higher vitamin B12 contents. You should particularly choose ribs, rib-eye and sirloin.


  • Shellfish: If you are a shellfish fan, it is time to think of it as healthy supplement to fill your vitamin B12 deficiency. Whether you choose a mussel or clam, it doesn’t matter because all contain loads of vitamin B12.


  • Caviar: Caviars are kind of expensive and you only see that in some functions and formal dinners as a garnish to larger dishes. Caviars are eggs of fishes and it can be a good source of vitamin B12.


  • Milk: Milk is not just for the strong bones but it can be an excellent addition to your vitamin B deficiency – it can serve as killing two birds with one stone. You should drink milk every day.

You can consider the foods mentioned above or dietary supplements to ensure that the body has enough B12 for normal functions. If this is not enough, there are injectable that you can consider as long as you consult your doctors first. As much as possible you have to eat huge amount so you can meat the recommended daily allowance.