As much as possible, you have to stick with natural remedies when it comes to any discomfort. Severe reliance to commercial drugs can have lasting negative effects on your health at the end of the day. It is always better to choose the natural way of healing or treating illnesses. Are you familiar with home remedies? You will be surprised of the power of your cupboards.

With this, you have to learn few home remedies to help you treat or ease discomfort specifically affecting the ears. If the earwax is accumulated, it can lead to pain, hearing loss and dizziness. It is a common practice here in Singapore to use cotton swabs every day to remove ear wax. You simply want to look clean but you have to know that it can damage the ears.

Cleaning the ears should be done using rubbing alcohol and vinegar solution. Here are some guidelines:

1. Look for the items to be used: The basic thing that you have to do is to look for the items to be used. In this solution you will use rubbing alcohol, white vinegar, bowl, cotton balls, cotton swabs and cloth.

2. Combine: After securing the items, you are now ready to mix the solution. Combine equal parts of rubbing alcohol and white vinegar. Mix it in a bowl. Make sure not to pour many.

3. Lean: Lean on one side of your head. This is in preparation for the mixture to be dropped inside the ear. Use cotton balls to dip and pour three or four drops into the ears. Do not overdo it because it will flood the ear.

4. Leave it: As much as possible, avoid moving and wait for at least five minutes before draining it. When draining it, put a clean cloth on the other side and lean.

5. Remove: The ear wax should come any second and that is the time when you use cotton swabs or ear buds. Remember not to do this every day as it can cause irritation to your eyes and possibly damage. You can do this every other day if it makes you comfortable but never every day.

If you do not have these things, you can also try saline solution. This is just salt water with the same procedure as you would when cleaning ears with rubbing alcohol and vinegar solution. It is important to steer away from cotton swabs, hair pins, car keys and other harmful objects which can affect the ears.

Everything has a purpose and you will be amazed how hugging can help you and the people around you. In this case, hugging is not at all useless and nonsense. Not all Singaporeans love hugging. To them, hugging is more like invading personal space but to those who appreciate it, life is not the same without it.

You have to know that hugging can benefit your overall well-being. Hugging often can indeed change your life and to those you touch. It is time that you know the amazing physiological benefits of hugging:

• Increase bonding: There is no doubt that hugging can increase bonding. When you hug, there is a hormone that is released from the brain called oxytocin. The release of such hormones can in fact increase the feelings of intimacy and commitment.

• Relax the body: Notice that when you hug someone, it appeases you and thereby relaxing the body. It is more like letting someone help you carry whatever weight you are enduring.

• Ease pain: When hugging, endorphins will be released. This hormone can help with the relieving or easing of the pain. It can actually block the pain pathways thereby soothing the aches and increasing the soft tissue circulation.

• Relieve depression: Your brain can also increase its production of dopamine through hugging. Hugging is seen to set depression low as well as other neurodegenerative disorders like Parkinson. So, if you see someone down, it won’t hurt to give a little something of yourself through hugging.

• Improve heart health: There is a study commissioned by University of North Carolina. The study found out that partners who get regular hugs have decreased heart rate. You have to know that a decreased heart rate can also decrease blood pressure as well as other cardiac illnesses.

• Boost the immune system: Hugging can actually help improve or boost the immune system. There is a study conducted by Dr. Shelden Cohen. The study proved that people who have constant hug and support did not exhibit symptoms of an infection despite their exposure.

Surely a simple thing as hugging can go a long way. The lesson here is that hug as often as you can because it feels good and it can have a positive impact on your overall wellbeing. To those who are not used to it, give yourself time and then try it. You will be surprised of how it actually feels.