4 Tips to Learn Something Faster

No matter where you study or work in Singapore, it’s already a given that you’re going to learn something new. Learning is a part of growing up but there are certain things that we intentionally want to learn. These may be our own interests, hobbies, and etc. That being said, you’d usually prefer to learn new things faster so you can also get better at them quickly. So, here are some things you can try.

Write your notes down

These days, many people prefer to take down notes using their laptops because it’s faster. But this will actually lead you to just transcript the notes mindlessly. You’re just typing down what you hear and not processing it in your mind anymore.

Taking notes down by hand, however, makes for more active learning. For one, you’ll have to listen more attentively. It also helps you identify the main points and concepts more carefully because you’ll have to process the information in your head first before writing them in your own words.

Avoid information overload

When you’re learning something, it’s understandable that you want to dedicate long hours, especially if you’re really passionate about it. But if you don’ take breaks, it might actually slow your progress.

This is because when we’re learning something new, our brain takes more time to process the information. If you try to digest too much information at one time, think of it like causing traffic inside your own brain. This is exactly why you zone out during a long lecture at school, for example.

Make small changes to your methods

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To keep the learning process fun, it would be a good idea to make slight changes to your methods so that you don’t keep doing the same thing the whole time. This is usually what makes you less and less motivated, the dull repetitiveness.

For example, if you’re learning a new language and you’re already getting used to just speaking, try to start writing those words while you speak as well. Remember, though, that the changes you should make should only be small adjustments. If you change your methods completely, you’ll only go back to square one.

Use different mediums

If you think about it, there will be more than one way to learn something, especially in our time today. You can read books about the subject, watch videos from YouTube, listen to podcasts, and many more.

By using different mediums to learn, you will also use different regions of your brain to learn. That means you’re learning visually, auditorily, and even in many cases by touch and taste. This can be very effective because you’re stimulating your brain in different ways making it easier to process and store information.