Avoiding the Words “Good Job”

There are a lot of reasons why parents scold their children. One common reason is carelessness. For sure, you will say everything to a child once you are mad without thinking that you hurt them much. The phrases you say that “You do not belong to this family” or “Your nothing but a burden and many more can hurt your child.

Being a good parent is not by scolding them too much because there are so many things that could happen once you reprimand your child. For some teens, suicide is the easiest way to get over their problem while others just keep their mouth shut.

To avoid this, you should always think about the words that you are going to say especially to your child. When a child hears this phrase, they become confident on the things they do. However, if this is repeatedly used even the simplest job a kid made, it’s a big problem. This is because a child may rely on something that they think correct.

For instance, your child killed the rat and you said “good job.” He will think that it is good to kill a rat where the truth is, it is very dangerous to kill a rat. Aside from that, your child might think that killing is good. You can motivate your child as long as you know the things that should be praised.

Getting a good grade us a good job compared to listening to the lesson that a teacher explain. By making thus, your child will be more confident to do the things which he think is good. In summary, you must choose what events your child has done and assess the things that are worthy to be praised.