Best Ways to Deal with Favouritism in Your Office

Favouritism in a company is never a good thing, as it creates an environment that’s no fun to work in. Not only does it lower the morale of everyone involved, it also lessens their productivity and even causes a high turnover rate as the employees get fed up with this office atmosphere. While it’s never fun to think that your boss is playing favourites, don’t let this atmosphere of favouritism get in the way of your career success. Here, we listed down some tips on how you could handle the situation with much dignity and class.

Act Normally

Behave as if your boss isn’t playing favourites in your office. The worst thing you could do is to react in a way that puts you on your boss’ bad side. Remember, making assumptions can be deadly. While you might believe that you’re not the favourite employee, that doesn’t mean that you’re the least favourite either. So avoid falling into that category by keeping yourself from reacting negatively to your manager’s behaviour.

Improve Yourself

The best thing that you can do with any type of boss is to clarify what he or she expects from you, do your best to reach (or even surpass) those expectations, and get his or her feedback regularly. Instead of stressing out with your boss’ negative behaviour, focus on bringing good results and improving yourself. Behaviours like favouritism are usually noticed by others, and all you’ve got to do is trust that your company has a system in place to correct these situations.

Promote Yourself

Advocate yourself by proposing new ideas for the team, requesting meetings, and showing appreciation and respect for your boss. Don’t let yourself get distracted by feelings of neglect, as it’ll only you and your career down.

Set Your Emotions Aside

When a boss starts playing favourites, it usually strikes an emotional cord in us. Our emotions then start clouding our vision – especially when we’re in the office. But instead of nurturing these emotions, take a moment to evaluate the favourite to see if there’s anything that he or she does exceptionally well that you’re also capable of doing. After all, nobody said that your boss can only have one favourite.

Take the High Road

Badmouthing your co-worker or your boss won’t help you, and could only make things worse. Any signs of bitterness or anger will only reflect badly on you. If there are tasks and projects that interest you, take the time to speak to your manager as to why you should take the assignment on, instead of focusing on the less-than-ideal situation on your office.

Learning that your boss is playing favourites is certainly not fun – especially if you aren’t the favourite. But instead of giving too much attention on the situation, continue improving yourself and delivering good results into the company. Who knows, your boss might eventually notice the efforts you’re giving!