In our time today, it’s become relatively easier to start a business. This is simply because of the ease provided by technology and the internet. Different industries in Singapore are already starting to have more and more companies and most of them are start-ups! Even so, what’s still difficult is making sure your start-up survives and grows. Here, then, are some valuable things you need to know.

Have a clear picture of what you want your business to be

Before you even start a business, you have to already know what you really want your business to be. Make sure you have practical and concrete plans both for the short and long-term. The easiest way to start with this, really, is to stick to something that you’re passionate about.

You’ll have difficulty envisioning the future of your business if you don’t even like what you’re doing. You’ll also have an easier time planning for products, services, and gimmicks this way.

Know that you don’t always have to take risks

No matter if it’s for business or life in general, people are always going to face risks. Though that is the case, you don’t necessarily have to take risks, especially as a start-up. Even when you have to take one, you have to make sure you have back-ups or at least have something left. Because risks come naturally, you don’t need to seek them thinking that taking risks will help you grow.

Listen to the customers

To any business, big or small, who are the most important people? That’s right, the customers? How will a company profit if others don’t buy their products? That being said, it would be very beneficial to your start-up if you could listen to your customers’ feedback. Listening to your buyers is one of the easiest ways to know what you have to improve one. So, take both praise and criticism well!

Take advantage of the internet

It’s become very easy for start-ups to promote themselves because of social media. So, there’s no reason for you not to do it too. Using social media not only helps you get a wider audience; it also helps you network and create relationships with other businesses as well.

If it is fitting, you could even have a website created for your brand as well. Your customers can browse your page for products and services and becomes easier for them to contact you as well.

Be flexible and learn to adapt

No matter what the industry, there will always be many ups and downs in the market. Mostly, they can all be affected by unforeseen circumstances. For example, if a certain product or service becomes in-demand, of course, it will be advantageous to those who already sell them.

However, that doesn’t mean that if you don’t have those, you can just let it go. Find ways to incorporate your brand’s identity to those trendy products and services and use it to your advantage!

Though Singaporeans are considered hard workers at the office, not many notice how much stress they’re already in. Though you could say stress is normal, there are still times when it already becomes a huge burden to many. That’s why it’s important to explore the different factors that cause workplace stress and how to deal with them effectively.


Remember that one time you couldn’t find a very important document because your workspace was so messy? Think about the fear and stress that caused you. It seems like a subtle thing but having too much clutter can definitely add to more stress.

You’ll have difficulty finding and arranging things. You’ll also be distracted because there are too many things around you. Clutter can also mean other aspects as well, like your schedule. If you intentionally leave tasks unfinished, they’ll pile up and you’ll have to do everything all together. Clearly, this will put you under a lot more stress.


Having fights and misunderstandings are already common in the work setting. The problem is, misunderstandings cause stress not only to one person but possibly to an entire group. Fortunately, it’s also quite easy to avoid being misunderstood.

One is to be a better and humbler communicator. By using appropriate communication tools, you can make others understand what you expect from them and the other way around. For example, one thing you can do when giving instructions is simply to have the other person repeat what you said.

Lack of recognition

The simple fact is, humans crave praise and recognition. If a person’s work is always downplayed, the stress will take its toll on his/her patience and motivation. If this is happening to you, don’t give up too early!

You could always communicate with others about how much you’ve done or you could emphasize the significance of your work as well. It’s also important to see that maybe you really are underperforming. Try to take a step back and reevaluate yourself if this is the case. Then, you can slowly fix your mistakes and do your work better overall.

Sudden changes

In Singapore, and surely in all other countries, there can sometimes be huge age gaps in the workplace. When sudden changes happen in a system, for example, the older generations might have difficulty adjusting.

They’ll have to learn how to work on the new system again and doing so will delay their work. Or if they insist on using the old system, there’ll be conflicts on output. The younger workers might expect tasks from the older ones but they’ll have to wait longer. This can create an air of tension around the office.

Having a business is really hard but if you have one, you will not have a hard time look for bunch of money because it will just be running to your hands. Owning and controlling a business is very hard. In fact, the hardest part of it is the maintenance of the firm.

All business can’t be at the number one spot. There’s no doubt that any business can’t reach that because all business owners mind is to make their company better than others. Moreover, entrepreneurs can claim that they are the number firm in the world; however, it is up to the customers if the company is at the top spot or not.

Actually, you can determine if your business is losing or gaining. Sometimes, there are business owners who immediately quit after experiencing failure. In reality, failure is just a sign that the market has a very tough and tight competition. Thus, all you need to do is compete and not to quit. If you quit early, you just junked your dreams and goals in life whereas if you just keep the pace on, you will be more likely to achieve business prosperity.

All you need to have is patience because it is quite hard to maintain a business. There are a lot of people who thinks that the hardest point in a business is the start. In fact, it is the easiest one. This is because you will only need to have is to see to it that it is in good condition.

Most of the time, businessmen use the computer as a way to improve their business. They check emails and other things that can boos t the popularity of their firm. However, it is not always a key to business prosperity because most of the people may be addicted to computer. You maybe addicted to games or on an internet application and many more. Actually, you cannot blame anyone or anything when your business fail because all the things or all that you do is done by you.

You control the things that you should do. In reality, there are a lot of challenges in a business but you need to overcome it so that your company will not be bankrupt. You should always keep in mind that maintaining the phase of your company is the hardest part in a business. You need to overcome it because if you will be defeated, your business will literally fail. Computer addiction has many disadvantages.

Today, social media platforms is a good way to start a business and or make it popular. Actually, it is meant for advertising purposes, however, it doesn’t mean that you should tolerate using social media platforms because it can cause traffic to a particular website. Even though computer is a great tool for business popularity, there is a tendency that you will be addicted to it and you will not know that you are not doing your work well. Through this, you will be an unable to make your business prosper.

Not all investors are equipped with the knowledge when it comes to evaluating their yields. Investors will simply delegate all the tasks to a person and do nothing except receive the yields. This is not good. More than anyone else, you have to know and understand how you calculate your Return on Investment (ROI).

Singaporean investors should be knowledgeable when it comes to their ROI so they will not lose money. There are a lot of investments here in Singapore but you have to be sure that it will yield correctly. Here are some mistakes investors make:

  • Wrong calculation of Net Rental Yield (NRY): As an investor, you have to evaluate your yield for the specific property you just purchased. That is necessary but what’s get wrong? If the investor calculated a higher NRY when in fact it could be less. As a result, the investor will expect too much (theoretical) but receive less (actual) in the long run.
  • Error of reading financial statements: Novice investors are still familiarizing the market. These people still do not know how to do or read financial statements. That is understandable but unless you put an effort to learn it, you will always speculate and you will surely lose a lot of money along the process.
  • Wrong measuring tools for valuing a property: Gurus know what measuring tools to consider but if you are to do it alone, you will be confused. Gurus usually gauge the value of property using the indicative bank valuations, developer’s cost based approach, cost of land approach and many more.

Now that you know common mistakes, you can be cautious from now on. This is serious since it involves money. Be careful about your dealings and more importantly, you have to be knowledgeable.