For those of you who do not know who David Lachepelle is, he is one of the best modern artists today. Modern art focuses a lot on imagination and creativity as it seems like we’ve seen it all. Well, maybe once you’ve seen David Lachapelle’s art, you might think otherwise.

Abstract surrealism is the best way to describe his art as he is not only one of the best artist out there, he is one of the most creative! With a play on colors like no other taking you into a world where everything seems real. Convincing you that life is more than just the colors you see around. David Lachapelle will definitely bring you into the world of his art and build around a memory of beauty which will stay in the back of your mind for eternity.

Artists nowadays have been springing up from every corner of the world and unlike most of the artists from America, David Lachapelle has a very unique and captivating style. His art has been conceived with great influence from both surrealism and pop culture.

Art is not just for the old in age, in fact, David Lachapelle’s art is a perfect blend of pop culture and classical magic. Get to experience his new photographic series “New World” in person as he is bringing it to Singapore himself!

Make yourself available on Dec 29,30, and 31 and head over to the Pearl Lam Galleries to witness the magic of art in with David Lachapelle in the flesh! The best part about this event is that it is for free! You heard us, it is for free! Starting at 11am onwards, make sure to drop by Pearl Lam Galleries and witness something that will change your life forever.

There have been quite many artists going to Singapore and let’s end the year with another amazing artist. His artwork works up inspiration and imagination which is a perfect way to end the year. What’s life without imagination? What’s life without beauty?

Admittedly, we all have different preferences when it comes to art. David Lachapelle’s art tackles a more modern and sophisticated approach as it also caters to the young eyes and minds as the play throughout his artwork is easy to digest by the modern generation of youth and wondrous eyes.

Art speaks for itself. Art builds and art distorts. At the end of the day, art is a part of everything we see and although art is not something we can eat or something that tackles to our basic needs, art feeds our soul. What better way to start 2018 than with a glimpse of wonder and beauty?