A lot of men think it’s too much of a hassle to know about fashion and style. Of course, that is partly true, but one should think of it more as an investment than a liability. Let’s say you’ve been invited to a small event.

You’ve been told to wear simple, business casual but you have no idea what that is so you just wear a polo shirt and jeans. Simply put, knowledge about style will not only save you from embarrassment but you’ll also look more appealing and confident! So, here are some style tips you should consider.

Have a go-to tailor

Any piece of clothing will look better on you when it perfectly fits. When you’re looking for long sleeves or a suit, for example, you will most likely find some in a department store or a specialty store. But, if you do find one, 90% of the time it won’t fit perfectly. This is why you go to a tailor for adjustments. Better yet, if you become a loyal customer, you can get custom-tailored clothing that will always fit you perfectly.

Shop with a friend

Preferably a girl you’re comfortable with. This is because they simply have more basic knowledge about fashion already. Of course, not all girls will be good at this so if you were to bring a female friend, choose someone whose fashion you also like.

In addition, if we’re being real about it, salespeople will sell you items no matter if you look good in them or not. If you have a friend with you, he/she can give honest feedback and give all sorts of recommendations.

Shoes are underrated

Once you start paying attention to your style, you’ll realize that shoes are a big factor. Sometimes it’ll feel like everything looks good but only your shoes are out of place. This is because there are shoes that look okay with certain types of pants and there are also some that simply look horrible.

That’s why it will be better to buy more shoes. Not exactly a lot but one of each style like a pair of sneakers, a pair of running shoes, one pair of oxfords, etc.

Anything you haven’t used for a year, sell or donate

There are a lot of establishments in Singapore where you can donate clothes. If you haven’t worn a piece of clothing after a year, it’s better to just get rid of it. Chances are it doesn’t fit you anymore or you’ve just moved on from those designs and styles. You can reduce the clutter in your wardrobe and free up more space.  Plus, if you’re looking to make a little money, you can always sell those clothes online as well.

While it’s known that getting clothes that properly fit you will solve almost all of your problems with style, jeans haven’t been looked at as much compared to shirts or jackets.

Because not all jeans are one-size-fits-all, it’s important to look at the different styles and cuts that denim and khaki jeans come in as well as the waist sizes and the types of rise.

Here are a few guidelines you can follow when it comes to choosing jeans that properly fit:

Fit and Cut
Ideally, your jeans should be slim in the thigh, and tapered downwards from the knee, and should fit the waist without you having to wear a belt. Going with a small taper in the leg will keep you from having to put up with a bell-bottom look.

As much as possible, avoid the boot-cut – your best go-to option is either straight-leg or slimmer. You want a good pair that hugs your legs and seat but doesn’t keep you from sitting down or standing up comfortably.

Casual pants should fasten easily and without any difficulty at all, while at the same time tight enough that it doesn’t simply fall off your hips.

Keep in mind that your size may not always be your true size. Depending on the brand you’re buying, the size of the pants you’re wearing may either be a little too tight or too loose. The best way to know your true size is by measuring your waist with a tailor’s tape.

Length and Leg Opening
The length and break of your jeans depends on your preference – whether you want your jeans a little shorter or long enough that you don’t want other people to see your socks is up to you.

When it comes to the leg opening, the style will usually determine it. “Straight fit” casual jeans will often have one width measurement from the knee down, while tapered fit jeans will have pant legs that taper from the knee down.

You can have your pants tailored to slim the legs down to your size, but doing so might be more expensive for you than buying a new pair.

The rise is essentially the measurement starting from the seam of the crotch to the top of the waistband and is often the biggest factor that determines how comfortable your pants are when you put them on. Keep in mind that the front rise is different from the back rise.

While body shapes differ from person to person, there are three general types of rise: low-rise, which sits a few inches below your belly button, mid-rise, which has a front-rise measurement of about eight to twelve inches, and high-rise, which hits your belly button or simply covers it completely.