Buying a motorcycle is very different from buying a car because there are various factors you need to consider that you would not need when selecting a car. You need to research not just the pricing and models but the practicability, safety, and comfort of its use.

If this is your first time selecting a motorcycle, here are some tips that can help you.

Attend a rider training course. If you have never ridden a motorcycle other than for practice, then it is essential that you know the ins and outs of the traffic laws, so you don’t get in trouble. It is also important that you remember all the safety precautions because motorcycles are prone to accidents. Driving lessons cover theories and practical applications.

Know where and how to get a license. The best option in Singapore is to hire driving instructors at specific driving schools only. The first license you will get is the Class 2B which will allow you to use motorcycles up to 200 cc. You will only be able to get your Class 2A license after a year, which allows you to use motorcycles up to 400 cc. After another year, you can get sign up for Class 2 course that will let you use any type of motorcycle.

Consider your skill level. Since the license will limit you to certain types of motorcycles, you have no freedom of choice yet during the first two years. That works perfectly because you need to be comfortable with the bike and an expert on it to avoid mishaps. You will have enough time to build you skill and confidence.

Be informed about maintenance costs. Some expensive bikes will of course be more difficult to maintain than the common cheaper models. If your bike will be used for daily commuting, then you should get a trusted model that is built for durability and longevity. There is no need to get a fancy model that you can’t afford to pay for much less maintain in good condition. Depending on the manufacturer, you should pick a brand that has a convenient service center in Singapore.

Know what CC means. CC stands for cubic centimeters which refers to the size of the motorcycle engine. It also measures the engine displacement which will determine how fast it will consume the fuel and how powerful the engine is. As a beginner and as stipulated in the rules about getting a license, you should start with 200 cc.

Consider the number of cylinders. You also have to take into account how many cylinders you would need in a bike. One or two cylinders should be enough for regular trips to the office, because the cylinders will only affect the torque when accelerating. Having more than two cylinders can be difficult for a beginner to handle.

Know how to fix small problems. Even with proper maintenance, your motorcycle is going to break down from frequent use, so you must at least possess the necessary skills to address small repairs. For this you will need to read beginner manuals and keep the necessary tools to do it.

It is okay to retake photos especially if you are just new with taking selfies but as you go along, you will learn to perfect it, score tons likes and be the popular person in your community. If you want to hasten the process of taking amazing selfies, you can consider the following easy tricks:

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  • Tilt your head: Tilting the head at an angle is a simple trick that you should master. Tilting the head at an angle is very effective in highlighting your cheekbones plus it can make your eyes look wider. This will surely yield off adorable vibes.


  • Look for good lights: The secret to a perfect selfie is good lights. With the right light, it will spark your skin thereby making you look amazing. Thin of the hair too! It will be shiny. So next time you take a selfie, go outside and take advantage of the light.


  • Find your pose: You should have a signature pose. This is like packaging your best features in the picture for show. If you feel good about your pose, your picture will say the same too. No matter the situation, always strike that pose.


  • Consider editing apps: Editing is okay as long as you do not go far from reality. Editing is actually better than filter. There are different applications here in Singapore either free or at minimal cost. Editing your photos a little can surely land you many likes.


  • Use fan: The oldest trick of photographers is fanning. Many magazines love this. If you have a fan around, use it. The glamorous movement of your hair can be the thing that you are waiting for. It should be few feet away from you so the pictures will look like natural.


  • Hold it above: When taking selfie, the easiest thing that you can do is to hold the camera slightly above your head. This will give your selfies a stronger feel. If you want to showcase your outfit of the day, you have to consider this.


  • Enjoy the process: Your followers may enjoy candid photos instead of scripted ones. You don’t have to take serious pictures all the time. Sometimes “wacky” is all you need to be vibrant. You will surely garner more followers if they saw that you are having a great time with the photos.

Hopefully these tricks are enough to make an amazing selfie. Always trust in the power of your smartphone, skills and your good looks. If you are still not taking good selfies, just patiently practice and you will surely master it in time.


Writing content is not easy. You have to learn it even if you have enough knowledge about it. The first thing to do when writing a content article is to do research. After researching for possible topics or ideas perhaps, you’ll fill the empty canvas with some black letters to complete the write-up.

In order to achieve a beautiful content, you need to organize your thoughts and clear your mind. In this way, you can have a continuous flow of information and you will be able to finish the write-up quickly.

In writing, all you need to do is to prepare your mind. However, in content writing, you must need to plan. It’s strategy versus strategy. The content write-ups that is appearing on  different content writing websites has different methods on how they deliver their thoughts in order to entice Internet surfers.

Actually, education is needed to acquire content writer jobs. On the other hand, being a content writer is not as simple as getting a degree in writing, you must also have knowledge on how marketing is inserted in content writing. Always remember that content writing is not about the typical writing you think; it is actually united with marketing to make your readers react.

In reality, all top content writers around the globe especially writers in Singapore use the most effective method to make readers get what they are reading. On the other hand, the most significant quality of a good content writer is to make their readers engage and do what must be done.

At some point in time, a writer experiences the so called “writer’s block”. It is a natural situation that happens to every writer especially when there are a lot of tasks to do. However, there are solutions for these problems.

In every company, write-ups are needed for the firm to obtain and maintain sales. But when the content is not pleasurable to the readers, there’s a possibility of business failure. So, if your writer is stuck on his second paragraph and don’t have any idea on how to continue the article he’s writing, show him these tips to have a productive day.

  1. Imagine what topic you will write. In writing, you need to focus to gather ideas for your content. You need to have enough supply of thoughts in your mind in order to achieve a creative article. The more you imagine things, the more you can write fast.
  2. Listen to everything you hear. Even if how loud the noise is, you can still get ideas from it. Even a dog can help you create topics for you to write.
  3. Write in a place where you can concentrate. Writers need a serene place to avoid distraction and focus on what they are doing. However, it depends to a writer on what place is comfortable for him because content writers have different ways to concentrate.
  4. Start your write-up at the end. It is really true that when writing a composition, the beginning is the hardest part and most of the time; this will contribute to writer’s block. If you think that there’s a roadblock, try another route to finish your tasks.

Singapore is a place wherein you can’t absolutely find boredom because there are a lot of beautiful sceneries that the country boasts. In fact, Singapore has state-of-the-art zoos and gardens wherein tourists come and go. Their lovely animals and unique plants make the country bloom not just because of prosperity but because of the natural resources that Mother Nature has given.

If boredom hits you in Singapore, do not panic because in Singapore you’ll experience many activities that you will never regret doing and activities that you’ll never forget. Here are the tips to avoid getting bored in Singapore.

  • Stroll around and eat: There are a lot of restaurants and food chains in Singapore; however, the most exciting thing to do when it comes to eating is going to a hawker food market. Here, you wouldn’t find things boring as you have many foods to choose from. However, if you want to find a special place to dine, there are several restaurants open 24 hours.
  • Experience Nature: Once you are not done looking for some place to visit, Botanic Garden and Singapore Zoos is open to showcase their beautiful nature. No worries because there are guides to explain everything you see.
  • Go to Little India: You never believe that going to this place will literally get you lost because almost all item here comes from India. The food, the spices, and the smell – it’s like India.
  • Explore Marina Bay Sands: This is a resort that features the largest casino in town. Also, Marina Bay Sands owns the record for the world’s highest pool in history. Not only that, it has a super big shopping mall wherein you’ll get offered to ride at their cable cars.

Aside from work and studies, what else do you do? It is therapeutic and healthy to do things aside from the things you are obliged to do. These things are called hobbies, and you can cultivate different hobbies when you do not have anything to do during your free time.

  • Reading: One of the most famous hobbies of people around the world is reading. Whether what you read are books, magazines, novels, newspaper articles or blogs, having reading as a hobby will not only help one relax but can also give sharp mind.
  • Writing: Do you have old journals at home which are not used and just kept in shelves? You can make the most of these unused journals by cultivating a hobby of writing. Start by writing whatever happened to your day then slowly level up to writing fiction and creative ideas.
  • Boating and fishing: If you live near bodies of water, make the most of this by trying boating and fishing. Work out your arm muscles by rowing the paddles and fishing. Fishing and boating are hobbies which are really relaxing.
  • Gardening: Soil, plants and flowers will be your hobby buddy as you cultivate gardening as your hobby. If you have a green thumb, this hobby is the best for you.
  • Arts and crafts: Invest on paints, paint brushes, canvasses, charcoal and art materials for you to see if arts like painting and drawing are for you. Pick up some recyclable materials and craft them into something useful. These paintings and crafts can also be a source of income.
  • Hiking and mountain climbing: Are you a lover of the mountains? Why not hike and climb them during your free time? As time pass by, your body will find the excitement on climbing mountains and seeing new places and panoramic views. Eventually, these will become your hobbies.
  • Dancing: Dancing is probably the most upbeat hobby one can cultivate. Enrol in dance classes or just search a video demo on aerobic dances and tutorials.
  • Cooking: A hobby which one can do in the vicinity and comfort of the home is cooking. This hobby will benefit one a lot because one can also have a taste of what he cooked.