You need to do some maintenance on your drainage system to maintain it in good working condition. However, most homeowners forget to pay any attention to their plumbing systems until issues like a clogged drain or a leaky faucet arises. This is when they decide to contact a plumber to fix such issues. But how will you be able to find a skilled, reputable and reliable plumber? Consider looking for the following qualities to make sure that you find a plumber who you can count on.

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1. Expertise

Proper plumbing education and qualification is crucial for any plumber. For someone to become a skilled plumber, he should be appropriately qualified, trained, and educated in his respective field. Therefore, opt for someone who has been qualified as a certified plumber from a reputable plumbing agency in Singapore, as such plumbers are the ones who are guaranteed to practise professionalism, seriousness, and enthusiasm in their work.

2. Experience

Plumbing systems are complex, and should only be dealt with by professionals who know what they are doing. Hiring an inexperienced plumber or plumbing contractor will likely lead to accidents that might force you to replace your plumbing system, which can be time consuming and really expensive. So make sure that you do some research beforehand to find 24 hrs plumbers for you in Singapore who has the right amount of experience in working on similar plumbing issues as yours.

3. Certifications and License

Before hiring a particular plumber, make sure to ask if they have proper certification and license. A licensed plumber is someone who has undergone proper training and processes, so its rest assured that both you and your plumbing system will be in good hands.

4. Service Warranty

When it comes to plumbing services, it pays to check on the warranty that a particular plumber offers. Having repeat visits for the same issue will likely cost you more if a warranty isn’t in place before the initial work started. Consider working closely with your plumber, and ensure that you thoroughly understand the warranty before agreeing to any specifications of the job. In the event that you feel like your plumber isn’t ready to give a service warranty for a certain period of time, consider looking for another plumber.

5. Insurance Coverage

Working as a plumber comes with its own risks: faulty equipment, chemical hazards, electrical shocks, and injuries resulting from materials. This is what makes having an insurance coverage an important quality to consider when looking for a plumber. Hiring a plumbing contractor with the right kind of insurance ensures not just his safety, but your property’s and your own safety as well.


6. Availability to Address Your Needs

A plumber’s availability is another quality to consider when measuring his reliability. Whenever you have a broken pipe or any problem that needs to be addressed immediately, your prospective plumber should be readily available to fix your problem. Otherwise, your property might suffer more serious damages. So a crucial trait to look for in a good plumber is his availability particularly during emergency situations.

7. Reputation

How long has the plumber or the plumbing contractor been in the industry? Are their plumbing services reliable? Or are they going to leave your plumbing system in disarray? These are some of the questions that you should consider as you look for your prospective plumber. Reputations are easily developed, whether it’s for good or bad. So make sure that you take advantage of the online reviewing sites, and hear a plumber’s work reputation straight from his previous clients. Looking through such reviews is one of the quickest way to get a good assessment of your prospective plumber.

If you have enough time and if it’s near your area in Singapore, consider visiting the plumbing company where your prospective plumber is working to get first-hand information and feedback about the person.

8. Competence

Every homeowner wants a plumber who is highly knowledgeable in the field of plumbing works and repairs. By talking to several plumbers, you’ll get an idea as to who really knows their job, and who seems to just beat around the bush. Ask a few questions, and assess how detailed their answers are. Doing this will help you gauge whether or not your prospective plumber has the proper knowledge and skill for the type of plumbing repair that you need.

9. Reliability and Honesty

A good plumber should be reliable as well – especially if you’re planning to get a 24 hours plumber service. That said, make sure to opt for plumbers who show up promptly, are neatly dressed, and fully-equipped with all the necessary materials.

Along with being reliable, your plumber should also be honest. As a homeowner, you are likely to be unaware of how your plumbing system works, as well as the amount of money and time it takes to fix problems related with it. With that in mind, ensure that you will hire a plumber who won’t take advantage of your lack of plumbing knowledge and overcharge you once the job is completed.

10. Punctuality

Punctuality is another important quality that any good plumber should possess. A plumber’s skill and experience won’t matter if he always shows up late for work. After all, nothing turns off a client more than wondering as to whether or not the plumber will show up. So test the punctuality of your prospective plumber by scheduling a meeting, and seeing if he arrives on time or not.

Finding a reliable plumber to address your plumbing needs can be very challenging at times. So make sure that you keep these qualities in mind to make your next plumber search less stressful and more worthwhile.