Before you go ahead and buy anything you want from the store, you have to make sure that you know what you’re buying and that you’re sure that what you want or need to buy is the right item. By following this idea, you are ensuring that you spend money purchasing what you really need and you get the right item to use.


In buying a bed, the same idea can be applied as well. Because as we all know, purchasing the right bed is very essential. This piece of bedroom furniture is where you can sleep on, take a nap, or rest for a while. So it’s really important that you get the right bed from the store. In addition, beds are not that inexpensive. Yes, it may be true that some beds are offered at a very cheap price. But you’re not sure of the quality of this good. Wouldn’t it be much better to purchase the right item rather than send it back because you found out how low the quality is after several uses?

Because you spend about one third of your entire life sleeping, it is safe to say that you need the suitable bed to make this activity very comfortable for you. In fact, you will need tips to help you pick beds comfortably, quickly, and easily.

Tip #1: Try the beds at the store

Although several stores prohibit customers from sitting and sleeping in chairs and beds, there are others that will let you because they want you to experience using the products first. This is a really good thing because right there and then, you will be able to easily determine if the bed is right for you or not. Just make sure that you confirm with the salesperson first if you can try the products or not. It will be much better to try them at the store than purchase them and find out that you’re not comfortable sleeping on it. Though you may take it back, it’s a big hassle all in all.

Tip #2: Consider the Size of the Bed You Want to Purchase

As mentioned above, you will discover different sizes of beds available in the store. It truly is essential that you consider the size of bed you want to have. Of course, you want to purchase a merchandise that fits you or you and your partner. You may choose from a single to a king-size bed depending on want you want to purchase. But do think about if this particular fits you well. If you have long limbs or if you’re comfortable sleeping in a large bed then you should buy a large one.


Tip #3: Consider the Price of the Bed You Want to Purchase

In relation to the second tip, you also have to consider of the price of the bed. Even if you want a king-size bed but can’t afford it, you will have to consider other sizes that fits your budget. It could help to ask the salesperson if they have some sort of promo or a great deal you can take advantage of. It could be saving money when you purchase this or that particular bed or you can get this bed if you purchase another item. Just remember that it’s not a great idea to sacrifice your comfort to make an affordable purchase because you will be the one suffering in the end. So get one that you’ll be comfortable sleeping in.

Tip #4: Pick a Durable Bed

Although you don’t want to admit it, many adults love to jump on their beds because they’re happy or they simply want to. Because adults are bigger in size and weight than kids, it is understandable that you should get a durable one. When you look inside a store, you will discover how important durability is especially for this kind of home furniture. So make sure that you truly consider this tip.


Sometimes living in an urban area doesn’t mean the best of everything. Sometimes it means getting just more accustomed to the traffic and the daily hustle and bustle of urban living. Singapore envisions a car-light society where its citizens can freely and safely walk on pedestrian lanes and travel light by biking. The creation of cycling lanes gives proof to this vision. The history of cycling goes way back in the 19th century but its popularity has never waned. Recent times created only more useful purposes and different designs that make bicycles even better. But when it comes to the bicycle manufacturing companies, nothing beats those companies who have been there even in the early times and still continues to exist. These companies were able to develop new types of bicycles and enhanced the older models. They also are well-known for the list of many famous professional cyclists who are titleholders in the world of biking. Get to know the names of these bicycle manufacturing companies:


Bianchi Bicycles

This is the top on the list because Bianchi Bicycles is the world’s oldest manufacturing company to date. The Italian company was founded in 1885 when the owner, Edoardo Bianchi, was only 21 years old. It started as a bicycle business and the success spurred a motorcycle production from 1897 to 1967. It then entered the car production business as a joint venture with Fiat and Perilli with Fiat buying the entire ownershio in 1969. Bianchi Bicycles was the one to introduc the use of equal-size wheels with pneumatic rubber tires. They also became more famous when the company name became attached to a list of popular bicycle championship titleholders.

The Cannondale Bicycle Corporation

This American company specializes in aluminum bike frames and introduced the carbon fiber frames. It was first started in 1971 by Jim Catrambone, Joe Montgomery and Ron Davis for their business production in camping bags and backpacks and later on the bicycle trailers for bicycle touring. Unfortunately, the company’s venture into motorsport business led to their bankruptcy in 2003. It is now owned by Dorel Industries, a Canadian conglomerate for bicycle supplies.


Fuji Bikes

The name for this company is taken from Japan’s Mt Fuji which is Japan’s symbolic icon for strength and endurance. This now American-owned Japanese brand was first founded in 1899 and became the most popular bicycle brand in Japan in the 1920s. This company also organized a national stage race between Osaka and Tokyo in the 1930s – this race remains to be a premier race in Asia. In 1951, a Japanese biker in Fuji bicycle won the first ever Asian games that were set in New Delhi. Fuji contributed to the bicycle boom in the 1970s and developed the 12-speed bicycles, touring bicycles, and titanium frame bikes. Their bankruptcy in the 1990s led to several changes of ownership and it is now owned by Advanced Sports International of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Kona Bicycle Company

This Canadian company was first founded in 1988 and is still owned by Dan Gerhard and Jacob Heilbron. The company is popular for its long-standing tradition of bicycle racing and cycling advocacy. It also has a Kona Factory Team that is composed of elite professional riders from all over the world winning 200 National and World Champion competitions. The company specializes in mountain bikes but also produces and develops other types of bikes.


Weddings differ from state to state or culture to culture. Regardless of the state or culture, weddings are the celebration of the union of the two couples and their families. We know that there are three groups of people that form Singapore. They are the Indians, Chinese and Malays. Each of the culture has different weddings. In this particular case, let us get to know the Chinese wedding traditions. But before that, it is important to note here that Chinese weddings vary depending on the region. For the purposes of this discussion, the wedding tradition can give you a general overview. So, what are the highlights of Chinese wedding traditions?


The wedding commences with the intricate marriage proposal and of course, acceptance. The proposal involves the parents of the bride and groom rather than the couple themselves. Chinese marriages are particular about ensuring the continuity of the ancestral line and more importantly, the creation of pact between families. The determining of a favourable match will depend on the ancestral altar and the astrological experts.


According to Wedding Bliss Singapore portal the family of the groom would give an amount of money together with goods to the bride’s family after the bargaining. The betrothal gifts include money and other items like tea, cakes, sugar, wine, etc.

Preparations for the wedding

The groom and the bride have separate preparations for the wedding. The bride for example would retreat from her daily routines and isolate herself. The groom is in charge with the installation of the bridal bed.  The new bridal bed will symbolize good luck and fertility to the couple.

On the day of the wedding

The wedding day usually entailed hair dressing, capping and procession of the groom to the bride’s house and vice versa. The wedding ceremony is less complicated. The bride and the groom will pay respects to the family altar. When the bride and groom bow down to each other, it completes the wedding ceremony. The wedding banquets will come next. Traditionally, the feasting are given by the bride and groom’s parents separately. The feast will depend on the parents or the couple.

As mentioned earlier, weddings are a celebration but it does not need to be that grand if you have money issues. You should know that the wedding does not define the life that you will live in the future. More importantly, you should be physically, mentally, emotionally and financially ready for it. If you prefer a simple rather than an elaborate wedding, you are free to do that. Here in Singapore, there are many venues that you can consider. That is a start. The catering, cakes and flowers will come next. This is not a big deal because you will see many services that offer such here in Singapore. After that you should deal with your bridal gown. You can design your own or go to Singapore’s best bridal shop. If everything is overwhelming for you, you can hire wedding coordinators to take care of everything. You do not need to worry about this because there are myriad of wedding coordinators here in Singapore ready to give you the best time of your life.

Good luck on your wedding and may you have good years ahead as a couple and as a family.

Watching a movie every now and then is part of our lifestyle. If you are a movie enthusiast, you should know where to watch movies in Singapore. There are many cinemas out there but of course there is always the best among the rest. Here’s a list of the best cinemas in Singapore:

Screening Room

Screening Room is located in Ann Sian Road. They offer food and the best film experience. It is different from other theatres because it is decorated in Middle Eastern fashion. Aside from cinema rooms, you can explore their La Terraza Rooftop Bar, Mamounia Lounge and Mamounia Restaurant.

Cathay Cineleisure Orchard

Cathay Cineleisure Orchard is located in Grange Road. It was especially made so audience can get the best movie experience. They have cinema rooms (Picturehouse and Platinum Movie Suites) that you can choose. It is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The Cathay Cineplex

The Cathay Cineplex is located in Handy Road. It is owned by Cathay Organisation and a sister of Cathay Cineleisure Orchard. They have the same cinema rooms like that of Cineleisure. They are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Golden Village

Golden Village is located in Harbourfront Walk. They also offer the best movie experience with their 3 room types. You can choose between Gold Class, Cinema Europa and GV Max. They are open daily from 10am to 3am.

Shaw Theatres

Shaw Theatres is located in Orchard Road. It is one of the largest cinemas in Singapore equipped with IMAX. It is a luxurious movie house that offers a unique experience for movie goers.

Watching movies is a favourite pastime for many people. People go to movies to be entertained. It is also a form of relaxation. It is crucial that you enjoy the movie so it is only right to seek the best cinema theatres in Singapore. Of course you have to pay for it but it is all worth it at the end of the day.

Ramen originated in China but it spread to neighbouring countries (like Japan) and eventually to the whole world. Many people like to eat ramen these days. Ramen is served with wheat noodles, broth soup, sliced pork, boiled eggs, pepper, onions and many other ingredients. If you are craving for one, there are many ramen places in Singapore that you should go to. Here’s an idea:

Ramen Santouka

Ramen Santouka is located in Eu Tong Sen Street. They offer bigger servings with the best Hokkaido style ramen. You must try onsen eggs, pork cheek, pork gyoza and many more. Price per serving is S$20.

Keisuke Tonkotsu King

Keisuke Tonkotsu King is located in Orchid Hotel. The restaurant offers three ramen types-Tonkotsu, tonkotsu and black spicy. While waiting for the food, barley drinks are served for free. There are hard boiled eggs and bean sprouts are provided on every table. Price varies depending on the toppings. It ranges from S$10.80 to S$15.80.


Nantsuttei Restaurant is located in Millenia Walk, Raffles Boulevard. Customers are privileged to see the chef while preparing the ramen. It is small but the place is cozy. You must try chashu don, negi ramen, maru toku, dragon ramen and many others. Price per serving is S$20.


Ippudo is located in Orchard Road and UE Square. Ippudo Singapore is owned and operated by Ippudo Japan which is Japan’s largest ramen restaurant. They have their own ramen factory. You must try their spicy shrimp, cream puff, miso ramen, Ippudo Krakamen and many others. Price is from S$21 to S$30.


It is located in North Canal Road. For forty years of serving ramen, they are considered one of the best not only in Singapore but also in Japan. You must try their chashu don, shoyu ramen, miso ramen and many others. Price per serving is S$20.

There you go. Just choose which ramen restaurant you want to go to.

Women, and even men, have the same problem when it comes to unwanted hair; they all want it to be eliminated. This is the reason why they opt for waxing, shaving, and methods like depilatories and electrolysis, which are all time consuming and not very effective, in removing unwanted body hair. This is where laser hair removal comes in. So, what is laser hair removal and what to expect from this procedure?

What is Laser Hair Removal?

The use of laser technology for different skin treatments has been more understood nowadays, making it possible to develop a laser treatment that works for hair removal. This procedure uses a special laser to eliminate unwanted hair. The laser targets and destroys the roots of the hair strand so it won’t be able to reproduce new hair.

The Benefits:

The main benefits of laser hair removal are the immediate results. Unlike other methods, this method can instantly deliver the results you want right after doing the procedure. It is also very safe if correctly done and lets you feel no pain unlike waxing and shaving. More importantly, the effects last longer. You will experience unwanted-hair-free skin for weeks, months, or even years.

The Downside:

No treatment is perfect, and laser treatment is not an exception to that. One of the downsides of this method is the cost. If not all, most clinics that offer laser hair removal charge higher fee than any other hair removal method. Another one is the minor side effects it may cause to the skin, such as itching, rashes and small skin discoloration, if not performed properly.

Calling a doctor for a small light wound is impractical. Minor medical problems can be treated by anyone in the family without much medical intervention. That’s why it is advisable for every home to have a well-equipped first aid kit in case the need of treating wounds arises. And in order for us to stop minor illnesses from getting worse, here’s a list of first aid kit essentials that should be readily available at all times.

  • Anti-septic Wash – If you are in the hurry, and finding a water source is impossible, anti-septic wash is your next best option.
  • Anti-septic ointment – This is applied on wounds before covering them with bandage.
  • Thermometer – Storing a thermometer in your first aid kit is very helpful since fever strikes often than any other kind of illness.
  • Gauze Cloths – Gauze cloths should always be in a first aid kit. This is used to cover larger wounds which band aid can’t cover.
  • Cotton Balls – Since you will need to wipe wounds with ointments and medicines, you need to stock clean cotton balls in your kit.
  • Cold Compress – There are instant cold compress available in medical stores that doesn’t have to be refrigerated. These are disposable bags so keeping several of this is highly advisable.
  • Latex Gloves – These are important especially to when treatment needs to have body fluid contact like blood or urine. The gloves will prevent the bacteria from transferring from one person to another.
  • Band Aid – Band aids are used to cover small sizes of wounds. Buy a pack of these to have plenty of reserves in case anyone in the family needs one.

Wedding gowns, the most important item for a Singapore bride on her wedding ceremony is not like a TV or a piece of furniture that can be decided on the basis of looks alone. It is a garment that has to be worn by the Singapore bride and so it should be such that it goes well with the physique and personality of the bride. Singapore wedding gowns have to compliment the face and figure of the bride and Singapore wedding gowns is not a piece of attire that is meant to be a standalone. What this means is that there can be as many wedding gowns variations of the same design as there are ladies out there. All said and done, wedding gowns can still be categorized depending upon their wedding gowns silhouettes and wedding dress necklines besides a lot of other characteristics.

Different necklines
Believe it or not, wedding gowns neckline is the first thing that most guests take note of when seeing the bride in her dream attire for the first time.

If you want to be a daring Singapore wife, off the shoulders wedding dress, if you have the slim trim figure to carry it confidently, could create a lot of buzz in the party wearing your wedding gowns and make you feel like a celebrity. If you have a tanned body with toned shoulder muscles, go for the Singapore wedding dress that is sure to be remembered for a long time. Strapless wedding gowns are a bit more daring though you have the supporting bodice to keep it in place. Just see to it that your neckline does not show too much of cleavage in your wedding gowns as it looks annoying in a Singapore wedding party at least. Go for such a design only if you are thin and not top heavy. One way to show your cleavage in a tasteful manner in your wedding gowns is to make use of a sweetheart wedding gowns neckline that creates a heart shaped naked space below the neck. This type of wedding gowns neckline goes perfectly well with a silk or organza Singapore gown that drops at the waist with a soft and overflowing skirt with floral designs.

As written in our last article about buying houses for 1st time buyers, you would have read about the current economic trends for HDB houses. Next, we discussed about renovation and perhaps engaging an interior designer as well for your new home.

It is important to note, before you start buying your household furniture there is one thing you need to do first. And that is painting your HDB or Condo house with beautiful colours. Generally most people think white is a good colour. Painting your home comes right after your contractor completed the tiling of your floor. Only then can you proceed with painting your walls. There are people who save costs by painting their own flats. But if you do not want to get your hands dirty and want a very well painted wall, you can go on and hire a HDB painting contractor to do the job for you. We recommend Colour Creative Painting Service as they have been in the painting industry for over 20 years with very highly experienced painters who can beautify your home with excellent painting quality.

Most painting contractors would give a warranty for the paint they use, the popular paints being used are mainly ICI Dulux and Nippon paint. They will also provide plastic sheets to cover your furniture so that the paint does not drip onto your household furniture. Painting would normally take about 1-3 days for HDB flats. Before you engage a painting service firm, you may want to request to take a look at some pictures of their previous clients houses after being painted so you can have a gauge on how good your painting contractor is. Good price is one thing, but good quality is another. Speak to your painting contractor first and find out their terms of delivery and service before you engage one to paint your house.

You have just gotten married and you are looking to settle down with your own newly wed spouse in your own house. In this article we share insights on the kind of houses that are worth as assets and investment to you.

As the recent high influx of FW and FTs, the prices of resale HDB flats and private property has soared tremendously. This includes HDB flats for 1st time buyers. The price of a 1st hand BTO HDB is now comparable the same price or slightly more expensive than resale HDBs in some areas of Singapore. 1st time HDB buyers used to stand a chance of great savings as they are able to buy new flats at about 30-40% lower than resale flat prices. However now this may no longer be the case, with much higher housing demands than before of a 5.9million population now and only about 9-12k new HDB flats released per year, it is not a wonder that prices would rise so high.

It may be a relieve for the younger generation (well for the time being) when the government introduced cooling measures in August 2010 to “burst the housing bubble” which mainly affected private property land owners. A new rule came about that private property owners are now not allowed to own both a condo and a HDB at the same time. This would result in many condo owners having to sell their condos to live in HDB which would again maintain or drive HDB prices even higher.

This is our advise for 1st time home buyers, due to limited budget for most newly wed couples it may be better to buy homes in younger estates such as punggol, sengkang as the prices for a 1st hand here are lower in price compared to resale price values. The flats in these location may not prove to be of a good investment value now but there is nothing much you can choose if you want to settle down with limited budget. If your income earnings are higher than the average, you may then want to consider buying 1st time homes from more matured estates but this would also mean a higher risk as you will now have to pay more per month installment for your home. However, given a scenario that a new 5 room flat cost $500k in mature estates and the current resale flat in the same location cost $600k. You may not be able to have that much of a investment yield. It may be possible for such a HDB flat to go up to 700k in the good times. But if more cooling measures were to be introduced into the HDB market due to younger generations not being able to afford one and start a family, things may change in the future.

Not to forget that buying a house is only the 1st step of a big cost. Other big upfront costs includes renovation, furniture, interior designing and painting your HDB flat. We have to have given you some insights on the current housing market before you dive into it.