There were about 2,300 motorists arrested for drunk driving in the first three quarters of 2013. This is 9% higher compared to the same period in 2012. This has caused the State for Home Affairs to strengthen their reminder to the public that drinking and driving is a deadly combination. With this, the agency launched the STCars Anti-Drive Campaign.

The campaign amended guidelines in regards to drunk driving and its legal punishments. For first time offenders, they can face one year of being barred from driving, plus a maximum of S$5000 fine and 6 months of jail time. For repeat offenders, they will pay a maximum of S$30000 and compulsory three years of jail time. Drinking can affect:

  • Vision – Alcohol can affect your vision. Drunken people often convey that they experience visual impairment especially blurred vision.
  • Coordination – Drinking too much can affect your overall coordination. You will experience decreased foot, hand and eye coordination.
  • Concentration – Alcohol can affect your concentration. When you drink too much, you will surely feel too drowsy and tired. You will bump into something or someone when this happens.
  • Comprehension – Drinking too much can hamper your decision making. You will notice that your ability to create logical decisions deteriorates.
  • Reflexes – You should know that alcohol can slow down your impulses or reflexes. Your ability to react quickly to varying situations will be affected when you drink too much.
  • Judgment – When you have too much to drink, you will notice that your ability to judge will decrease. For example, you will not discern which line to follow, the position of your vehicle, and you will not heed road signs.

If there is one thing that flies faster than time, it’s technology. Well the fact is that technology doesn’t really fly, but it definitely advances and changes too fast that it becomes imperative for us to adapt to it. Otherwise, we will definitely be stuck in the Stone Age and observe everyone else living convenient lives with the smart use of technology.

Wide Scope of IT Services

Information technology is such a broad term, covering a wide scope of services. And as technology continues to advance, more and more services are emerging. Among the many services brought by IT support are the following:

  • Keeping computer systems in good condition
  • 24/7 monitoring
  • Solving IT problems in no time
  • Advanced dealing with expected IT problems
  • Handling notifications and alerts
  • Providing a help desk support

With the ever-dynamic pace of trade and commerce in Singapore, every business is highly encouraged to employ the latest trends in IT services because of the many benefits they can give. Among which are increased efficiency, scalability, customised plans, accountability, and reduced overheads.

Increased Efficiency

An outsourced IT support to a company like Dynatech the leading IT firm in Singapore enables you to optimize your internal manpower, thus bringing each and every staff’s power to be effective. As a result, your company’s level of productivity and efficiency improves. Your staff can focus on what they do best, instead of wasting time and effort in trying to solve difficult IT problems.


When you employ the services of an IT solutions provider, you get a team of IT professionals who can provide the best IT services for your company. And take note of your advantage: it’s a team, not just one person. Therefore, you have more minds to provide solution to any IT problem, be it big or small.

Customised Plans

What is good with IT services is the fact that you can actually customise them according to your needs, demands, and budget. You can have the option to pay per service, per device, per support hours, or per level of maintenance and monitoring your business requires. You are flexible, and you hold the ultimate decision.


Your IT solutions provider is held responsible for the performance and functionality of their services. It is their obligation to account for their services, and thus they will try to perform their tasks irreproachably.

Reduced Overheads

Outsourcing IT services eliminates the need for you to develop your own in-house IT department. Building your own IT department is such a risk as it involves time to train people and money to set up the required IT system. Moreover, it is costly when your business does not really need the services of IT professionals on a daily basis. Through outsourcing, you will only have to pay for IT support when your situation calls for it.

Indeed, the services brought by the unstoppable advancements in information technology bring countless benefits to each and every business in Singapore, and you can only fully realize these benefits when you decide to see it for yourself.

Finally, summer is here. We always want to remember every summer so we plan different activities. The famous thing to do during summer is going to the beach. Beach comes first to our list because it is indeed very hot and nothing freshens us up like cooling down in the surf. After rounding up our buddies, and securing our reservation, it is time to pack up.

So what do we need? Here are the beach essentials that you should never forget.

Swimwear – There is nothing wrong if you want to be fashionable in the beach. If you really want to swim with ease and enjoy the water, you should definitely look for that perfect bathing suit. Bikinis are very popular nowadays, but one-piece suites can also work to great effect. For men, swimming trunks or beach shorts will do. Choose footwear that is light and easy to dry.  You can add other accessories like stylish bags, hats and bangles if you want.

Sunscreen – Since it is hot, we should secure lotions with high SPF level. Sunscreens or lotions will help regulate the effect of the sun in our skin. If taken, it will reduce the redness of the skin or sun burns. Sunscreens can also lessen the chances of skin cancer.  Towels to dry our body should be prepared as well. Aside from that, umbrellas and sunglasses will make things easier and comfortable for you.

Water – With all the fun you’ll be having on the waves, you might not notice yourself getting thirsty. Be careful about this because you just might get dehydrated. Make sure to bring lots of bottled water and always have one nearby. Don’t substitute water with alcoholic and caffeinated drinks as these won’t really be effective on quenching thirst and may even make you disoriented.

Medical kit – Heat related illnesses are inevitable especially if we are not careful enough. Illnesses are serious enough for us to be afraid but it doesn’t mean hiding in the house until the end of summer. If it can’t be helped, there are precautions that we should remember to keep the effects minimal. Common illnesses include heat exhaustion, head edema and heat stroke. Since we cannot foresee things, it is better to bring medical kit. In case of bruises and wounds, bandage and disinfectants can make a big difference.

Food – Swimming can be starving sometimes that is why bringing of food is a good idea. You can bring actual food or chips if you want. If you have no time to prepare, beach resorts have their own kitchen. All you have to do is order. They have a wide selection of foods that you don’t usually eat every day. Seafood platters and other meals are offered.

Camera – Every good memory should be captured. Never forget to bring your camera so that if you want to revisit your memories, you can always check your files or pictures. You don’t need to bring a high-end camera, what’s important is to simply record your experience. Fortunately, today’s phones are equipped with cameras with excellent resolutions.

Summer is the hottest of all the season and every year we experience it. Regardless of the country or culture, men, women and even children look forward to summer. One reason is that school breaks and public holidays usually fall under summer. Instead of staying at home, it is best to enjoy summer while it lasts.

Getting the proper attire. There are many ways to enjoy summer if we really want to make the most out of it but before anything else, it is imperative to look for the suitable attire. There are other people that consider this unimportant but if you really want to have a good time, it is best to look for clothing that is light and comfortable. Footwear is also a factor. Find shoes that are comfortable to wear especially if you have a lot of walks planned.

Accessorize yourself. When you go out, never forget your sun glasses to protect your eyes from dirt, dust and heat. If want to spice up your outfit, you can add accessories. This is not a problem because a wide variety of bangles or bracelets, head gears and necklaces are available in the market. Never forget your umbrella of course.

Don’t forget protection. Experts are saying that the application of SPF (Sun Protection Factor) lotions to your skin will make a big difference. Sunscreens are very helpful because they lessen the chances of our skin suffering from sunburns or worst, skin cancer. Most importantly, always bring water. Despite all the recommendations given above, there are still many people who are afraid to go out for the fear of exhaustion and heat stroke.

Given the current technological status we have, it isn’t hard at all to hold a video conference. Videoconferencing not only saves us air travel expenses, it also helps us save time. Many local companies are now making videoconferencing an alternative choice.

Tele Communication companies and software companies providing this service have been seeing a rise in their businesses. This ultimately proves that more and more local companies are switching to videoconferencing. Huge enterprises might be using these better and lag-free software to speak to clients who reside in other countries that might be located miles away. However, smaller enterprises with tighter budgets might not be able to afford these services. Hence, these companies are also using other alternatives, such as Windows Live Messenger (known as MSN) and Google video chat, which are cheaper or may be even free.

Researchers have announced that by 2012, high-definition videoconferencing will be replacing 2.1 million airline seats. Sure enough, many companies are saving almost half, or even exceeding half, of their expenses spent on airline seats. Vast enterprises which dispatch their staff to other countries for conferences need to spend a bomb on their travel expenses. Other than saving on travel expenses, companies will also get to save on IDD phone bills, which might hit no less than $5000 a month. There are also more choices, it’s getting less expensive, and it gives a richer experience with the advancement of technology. Another pro is that videoconferences allow you to have a word with clients from two different countries, which saves you time and money of two flights.

With technological advances these days, almost everything is achievable. One of which is online shopping, where one only needs a credit card, a computer, internet connection and electric. Thanks to technological advancement yet again, there is now another gadget which allows users to turn appliances off or on.

Let’s say that you’re hurrying off to work. You overslept and you’re late. After turning up at your workplace, you suddenly remember that you forgot to turn off the air-conditioner, lights of your bathroom and your electric kettle. In the past, you would probably need to run all the way back home to switch them off. However, with the new invention of this gadget, users can now log on into a web portal, where a live footage of your bedroom, your living room, your kitchen, so on and so forth, and with a click, your appliances will be switched off. Other than all these, users can also make the application adapt to weather conditions. This program, which took 24 hours to code, is called GREN (Green Remote Estate Network). It helps users save on their electricity bills and it, at the same time, also helps to save the environment.

The team which invented this device competed in a competition called “code::Xtremeapps::” and emerged Champions for the open category. Teams which competed in this particular competition were required to use at least three coding programs like Red Hat’s open source Java application server JBoss; Microsoft’s Project Nimbus, a platform that lets users access hosted information like meteorological data; and GermaniumWeb, a 3D tool created by homegrown firm G Element. Another team which designed a mobile phone application which showed images of recycle bins was also presented “the best mobile phone app” by mobile operator M1.