Working out on weekends is pretty easy, since you don’t have other things to do. You can start your Saturday by hitting the gym or spend an hour or two of leisurely bike ride in the in the afternoon.

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Here comes Monday; just the thought of finding time for a run can be overwhelming. Morning meetings and after-work happy hours make it even harder to find time to go to the gym. But, regular exercise throughout the week is important as it helps manage stress and sleep better at night. Here’s how you can make weekday workouts happen.

  1. Get Your Gym Gear Ready

Get your workout gear all set, so you won’t have an excuse not to go to the gym. Do your laundry on weekends to make sure all your gym clothes are clean and sorted out before the week starts. Have a set of gym apparel ready at all times in your car, so you can go to the gym right away when the time allows.

  1. Schedule Your Week

Workweek can get really busy. That’s why it’s important to make a schedule in advance. On Sundays, figure out the most convenient times for you to workout. Most gyms and fitness studios nowadays have online sites where they post their monthly classes. Check your gym’s website to see which classes you can attend during the week that will fit your work schedule.


  1. Gather a Squad

Gym buddies make working out a lot easier. They don’t only keep you accountable for showing up, but they generally make working out fun. Ask around to see if anyone in your office wants to do yoga or try HIIT after work, or if someone lives near your neighbourhood for an early morning jog.

  1. Keep It Interesting

Choosing an exercise you know you’ll love will make it easier for you to start and maintain a workout schedule. But don’t limit yourself to the same exercise. Every once in a while, switch things up. Though there’s nothing wrong with getting into a routine, it’s more exciting to work out when you know you’re going to try a new type of exercise you have never tried before.

Hit the gym or just be a couch potato? Do not make the wrong choice, no matter how busy you are. While it’s a tough decision to make after a stressful day at work, remember that even Mark Zuckerberg finds time to jog several times a week. If you aren’t as busy as a business CEO, there’s no excuse for not working out on weekdays.


Many Singaporeans now want to look good and feel good. You try to be healthy. There are people who are successful while there are others who fail. Being healthy is not only a state without illness and disease. Being healthy is a state where you take good care of your body through paying attention to the food you eat at the same allotting time to exercise regularly.


To put it simply, your goal should be to make sure that your calorie intake is equal to (or at least less than) your calorie output. You have to know that a calorie is a component of energy. If you want to live healthy, you have to achieve the recommended caloric balance.

If you maintain your current weight, the calorie that you have to consume should be equal to (or at least less than) your calorie output. If you consume calories more than our calorie output and without considering of burning it, you will surely gain weight. You all know where weight gain will lead – myriad of health issues from diabetes to heart disease and high cholesterol.


It will be for your benefit to know how much calorie is too much. According to experts, the recommended caloric intake for men is 2,200 kcal and 1,800 for females. This seems hard because here in Singapore, it is hard to watch out for the food you eat because of thousand delicacies. Indeed it sounds hard but it is not impossible.

With the help of Healthier Dining Programme, Singaporeans now are well informed when it comes to healthy eating. The recommended caloric intake will depend on the height, gender, activity level and weight. It is best that you consult your doctor for more advise on caloric balance.