Do Away With It!

4 Foods to Remove from Your Diet to Promote Healthy Eating


Eating healthy is not an easy deed to accomplish. There are hard days when we just want to give in to temptation and indulge in our favorite treat.


Some of our guilty pleasures are worth the binge. For example, enjoying several pieces of dark chocolate give healthy dose of antioxidants to the body and may improve blood circulation.  Unfortunately, there are several food choices we have that are slowly causing harm to our body in many different ways.

Try to avoid these foods when eating to promote good health.


Time and time again, we are warned by nutritionists of the bad effects of sodas to our health. However, these drinks packed in sugar are hard to resist.

Be warned that people who regularly consume soft drinks have a 26 percent increased risk of developing diabetes. For women who drink an average of a can of soda a day, there is a 75 percent risk of them developing gout. This is greater compared to those women who hardly drink these sugary drinks.

No matter what form the soda is in, diet or regular, it’s still not ideal for the body. Diet sodas may be a lot better compared to regular sodas but these drinks are often much sweeter than the average soda, raising a person’s sweetness tolerance and making it hard for them to enjoy the natural sweetness of other foods.

Regular soft drink consumption is also linked to health disorders like kidney damage, obesity, and the development of certain types of cancers.


Processed meat


Fats have been highly misunderstood in the past. For example, margarine was once hailed to be healthier than butter because it does not contain animal fat which is associated with harmful cholesterol. Now, however, margarine is considered as one of the unhealthiest forms of fat.

A lot of margarine products contain trans fat, the worst kind of fat. Trans fat can increase blood cholesterol levels in the body and increase risk of heart disease. Trans fat lowers the levels of good cholesterols in the body, making the risks of heart-related illnesses greater.


White bread

White bread, made from refined grains has been stripped off of most of its nutritional contents. Added to this is the fact that it’s high in sugar, white bread brings nothing good to the body but increase the level of sugar. It’s low in zinc, magnesium, vitamin E and lacks essential minerals.

A white bread-rich diet can lead to type 2 diabetes, heart disease and obesity. As a healthier alternative, opt for the wheat bread alternative which is rich in bran and fiber, ingredients that help steady the blood sugar level in the body.