Faster Internet Speeds For Better Business

If you ever heard of the phrase ‘money is time’, you would already know the importance of having a fast internet speed. A slow internet speed not only obstructs your employee’s rate of productivity, it may also obstruct the revenue that is earned by the company. But don’t worry; internet exchange points, as many as two of them, are already operating overseas, which will boost your internet speed.

An exchange point is not only useful for enterprises; it is also useful for enterprises that provide services such as the internet. Service providers are now saving more money than the past, because of the IXs. This is because in the past, service providers could only exchange local traffic using tansit networks – which resulted in higher costs and higher latency. This is not the only bad thing about it; users get poor internet speeds, which resulted in poor customer satisfaction. The nodes of these two exchange points will be placed in the data centres of 1-Net Singapore and Global Switch. There will be a centre, namely NOC, which will be operating 24 hours round the clock to provide technical support and to watch over the network, making sure that operations of the SGIX run efficiently. SGIX will also offer peering arrangements, ranging from 1 megabit Ethernet to 10 gigabit, together with flexible port arrangements. There is, however, a price to pay for these services as there is no free lunch in this world. Having a good 100 megabit Ethernet connection is good, even though you have to pay $800 per month. It sure is price-worthy for your enterprise to perform with higher performance, security and reliability.