Four Must-Have Home Items to Simplify a Hectic Life

Life gets busier with every passing day: appointments need to be set, paperwork needs to be filed and finished on time, and there are more tasks piled on top of one another with varying levels of priority.

But while you won’t always be able to do away with all these priorities that come with being a responsible adult, there are tools that make it easier for you to handle them.

Here are five of these things that you should absolutely have (if you don’t already):


There’s nothing quite as terrible as remembering an important task only too late, which is why it’s important to make sure you have a way to jot down everything you need to do within a set time. Writing down on paper rather than jotting it down on your phone also makes you more likely to remember important details.

Hard-copy calendars can also give you more benefits than the digital one in your phone. You can write down important events, like birthdays or anniversaries, and make it easier for you to remember without having to check your screen every time.


An organized mind and an organized life starts with an organized space, and investing in extra bins to store your extra stuff is a great way to start. These containers will be especially crucial for holding things that don’t seem to belong anywhere in your home.

Be sure to label these storage containers well to keep different items in the right places and prevent them from mixing and jumbling together.

Mail/Junk container         

No matter how frequently you de-clutter, having a busy schedule always means the junk will eventually start piling again, whether it’s in the form of mail (i.e. bills payments, etc.) or actual junk, like used bottles or tin cans.

Just like having separate organizers for your closet or kitchen, having these dedicated containers for all kinds of things at home keeps the clutter in one place and makes it much easier to dispose of them when you need to do some general cleaning.

Your own personal space

Perhaps the best thing you can do for your own good is practicing self-care, and that means having both the time and space not just to rest, but simply to be in. Whether it’s your entire HDB flat or simply your own room, it must be a place where you can be calm and think without any distractions.

Once you have this particular space, make it truly yours by adding things that help you stay calm especially during tense or stressful times. This can be a few scented candles, a bookshelf, or even a throw pillow.