Freebies at Changi Airport

Obviously, there are a lot of places and things in Singapore that they can boast. One of this is the Changi Airport. Lately, the airport has been recognized as the world’s best airport in the world. Why? This is because of the following:

  • Free Internet Surfing – For sure, you want to open your Twitter or Facebook account during your arrival at the airport. To have a free internet surfing, just present your passport at the information center and some airport officers will give you the password for the Wi-Fi that will last for 4 hours. Here’s a tip: If you will as the officers politely, they will give you 8 hours of free internet surfing.
  • Free Movie Watching – While waiting for your next flight, you can watch movies at the terminal 2 and 3 of the airport. However, be mindful of your flight time so that you will not be left by the plane.
  • Free Foot Massage – Indeed, this is what people need upon arrival at the airport. One needs to relax and settle down. Thus, massage is the answer. At Changi airport, you will have a free 15 minutes of foot massage.
  • Free Sleep at the Sleeping Area – Since Changi is an international airport, it is not evitable that there are passengers who are just passing over the airport while waiting for long hours for the next flight. Hence, there airport management decided to make a sleeping lounge for passengers who have long hours to wait.

Aside from the mentioned freebies, there are many good things about Changi Airport that will amaze all visitors who come and go at the airport.