Getting to Know Chinese Wedding Traditions

Weddings differ from state to state or culture to culture. Regardless of the state or culture, weddings are the celebration of the union of the two couples and their families. We know that there are three groups of people that form Singapore. They are the Indians, Chinese and Malays. Each of the culture has different weddings. In this particular case, let us get to know the Chinese wedding traditions. But before that, it is important to note here that Chinese weddings vary depending on the region. For the purposes of this discussion, the wedding tradition can give you a general overview. So, what are the highlights of Chinese wedding traditions?


The wedding commences with the intricate marriage proposal and of course, acceptance. The proposal involves the parents of the bride and groom rather than the couple themselves. Chinese marriages are particular about ensuring the continuity of the ancestral line and more importantly, the creation of pact between families. The determining of a favourable match will depend on the ancestral altar and the astrological experts.


According to Wedding Bliss Singapore portal the family of the groom would give an amount of money together with goods to the bride’s family after the bargaining. The betrothal gifts include money and other items like tea, cakes, sugar, wine, etc.

Preparations for the wedding

The groom and the bride have separate preparations for the wedding. The bride for example would retreat from her daily routines and isolate herself. The groom is in charge with the installation of the bridal bed.  The new bridal bed will symbolize good luck and fertility to the couple.

On the day of the wedding

The wedding day usually entailed hair dressing, capping and procession of the groom to the bride’s house and vice versa. The wedding ceremony is less complicated. The bride and the groom will pay respects to the family altar. When the bride and groom bow down to each other, it completes the wedding ceremony. The wedding banquets will come next. Traditionally, the feasting are given by the bride and groom’s parents separately. The feast will depend on the parents or the couple.

As mentioned earlier, weddings are a celebration but it does not need to be that grand if you have money issues. You should know that the wedding does not define the life that you will live in the future. More importantly, you should be physically, mentally, emotionally and financially ready for it. If you prefer a simple rather than an elaborate wedding, you are free to do that. Here in Singapore, there are many venues that you can consider. That is a start. The catering, cakes and flowers will come next. This is not a big deal because you will see many services that offer such here in Singapore. After that you should deal with your bridal gown. You can design your own or go to Singapore’s best bridal shop. If everything is overwhelming for you, you can hire wedding coordinators to take care of everything. You do not need to worry about this because there are myriad of wedding coordinators here in Singapore ready to give you the best time of your life.

Good luck on your wedding and may you have good years ahead as a couple and as a family.