Guide to Engaging a Painting Contractor

As written in our last article about buying houses for 1st time buyers, you would have read about the current economic trends for HDB houses. Next, we discussed about renovation and perhaps engaging an interior designer as well for your new home.

It is important to note, before you start buying your household furniture there is one thing you need to do first. And that is painting your HDB or Condo house with beautiful colours. Generally most people think white is a good colour. Painting your home comes right after your contractor completed the tiling of your floor. Only then can you proceed with painting your walls. There are people who save costs by painting their own flats. But if you do not want to get your hands dirty and want a very well painted wall, you can go on and hire a HDB painting contractor to do the job for you. We recommend Colour Creative Painting Service as they have been in the painting industry for over 20 years with very highly experienced painters who can beautify your home with excellent painting quality.

Most painting contractors would give a warranty for the paint they use, the popular paints being used are mainly ICI Dulux and Nippon paint. They will also provide plastic sheets to cover your furniture so that the paint does not drip onto your household furniture. Painting would normally take about 1-3 days for HDB flats. Before you engage a painting service firm, you may want to request to take a look at some pictures of their previous clients houses after being painted so you can have a gauge on how good your painting contractor is. Good price is one thing, but good quality is another. Speak to your painting contractor first and find out their terms of delivery and service before you engage one to paint your house.