How to Teach Your Child About Anger Management

In our time today, it seems like more and more children show signs of aggressive behavior. Of course, there can be many factors as to why this is, but we all know that aggression is not really a good thing.

That’s why it is important to teach your child anger management skills. Though anger is a normal emotion, we need to show them that there are many healthy ways to deal with it. Here are some ways you can teach your child how to control their anger.

Be a role model

Everything starts with you. Because children imitate what the adults around them do, you have to be careful with your own actions. Teaching your child about anger management requires that they see it in you as well. That means it’s better to teach them with actions than with words.

For example, if you start shouting at them for vandalizing a wall even just for the first time, then you’re not really setting a good example. Teaching them to manage their anger will be very easy once you show them how you do it too.

Teach assertiveness

One of the main reasons why we develop anger issues is because of pent-up emotions. When we bottle up our negative thoughts and feelings, it will all blow up sooner or later and lead to aggressive behavior. This is why it is important to teach your child to speak their mind.

You should teach them how to be assertive but, of course, only to the point that they don’t hurt others with their words as well. When they learn to speak up for themselves in an appropriate manner, it will also be easy for them to express their thoughts and feelings, regardless if it’s positive or negative.

Show them the difference between anger and aggression

It is also important to teach your child about the difference between being angry and showing aggressive behavior. Anger is not really a good emotion but it is normal for everyone to feel it and it can be acceptable.

Aggressive behavior, on the other hand, simply is not. Slamming a door, throwing their phone, even simple verbal aggression will not be acceptable. Show them that these actions will have grave consequences no matter where he/she is in.

Teach them how to recognize their signs

Each and every one of us have signs showing that we’re angry. Some feel like their heart beats faster while others start clenching their fists or gritting their teeth. One way you can stop a child from lashing out at someone is to teach them to recognize these signs.

This is so that they can redirect their attention and stop themselves from being aggressive. Some effective methods to employ when their signs start showing up is to have them take deep breaths or even simply count slowly to 10 in their minds.