Is Cellulite Bad?

Cellulite can be frustrating. Not only do they look like stretch marks, they are also very difficult to get rid of. Unfortunately, most women will get them at some point of their lives regardless of the body type. But even if it is so common, there are so many misconceptions about how you’re supposed to get rid of it.

What Causes It?

Cellulite isn’t like stretch marks, because it’s a buildup of fat deposits that push through the collagen fibers in the skin. However, just like stretch marks, they often appear on the arms, stomach, buttocks and thighs. The collagen fibers, also called connective tissues, become weak because of poor circulation, excess fat, lack of exercise, and hormonal changes. If you see a product in Singapore that will get rid of toxins to reduce cellulite, then you know now that it’s lying.

Who Can Get It?

Anyone can get it regardless of the body type, but women are more prone than men because anatomically, women have more fat around the thighs and hips. It also gets worse as the individual ages, because the body will produce less estrogen, which is responsible for good circulation. This in turn will weaken the connective tissues and lower the production of collagen. Some people are also more prone to getting cellulite because it’s in their genes, but if you’re active and fit, the chances will be reduced.

How to Prevent It?

So, what can you do to avoid it if even slim people still get cellulite? Regular exercise cannot get rid of cellulite if you already have it, but it will prevent the appearance of more cellulite because regular stretching will tone and tighten the skin. Wearing clothing that will compress some of the fat will not help and might actually contribute to the appearance of cellulite because they can cause poor circulation. Unfortunately, creams that claim it can make the skin firm and reduce the cellulite do not work at all. There are temporary solutions like dermal fillers that will plump up sagging skin for a while, but procedures like liposuction will just distribute the fat unevenly.

How to Get Rid of It?

Thankfully, some non-invasive procedures such as massage, radio-frequency, and laser are effective against cellulite for short-term relief. Changing your diet and keeping your body hydrated can also help if you choose a plant-heavy diet that will reduce the inflammation in your body. A healthy diet can also help you lose excess weight, especially if you increase your intake of fruits and vegetables that have a high-water content. Next time you buy a product for cellulite, remember that there is no permanent solution for cellulite as of today and that all the procedures listed above provide only temporary solutions.