Jewellery Auction Guidelines: Tips for Bidding

You love jewelleries and going to auctions. That is an expensive hobby but if it makes you happy, there is nothing wrong with that. You should know that the trend now in jewelleries is huge blue and yellow diamonds. The famous Geneva Jewellery Sales will commence next week and jewellers are anticipating rare blue and yellow diamonds.

Some of the most anticipated stones include the “Graff Vivid Yellow” (which is estimated to fetch $15 to $25 million), “The Victory Diamond” (which is estimated to fetch $5 to $8 million) and the “Pink Star” (which is expected to fetch 76.3 million Swiss Francs). A blue diamond is also expected to appear in an auction house that will fetch $21 to $25 million. With that being said, the market for coloured diamonds is high. Coloured diamonds are extraordinary because they are very rare. There are clients that specifically look for such investment.

If you are eyeing the Geneva Jewellery Sales and it is your first time to bid, here are some guidelines or tips that you can use for a smoother and trouble-free transaction:

  • Check for the information: Before participating in auctions, you need to check for the available information. The information listed on the lot tag should be accurate and truthful. If you find it obscure, you should not pursue. It pays when you check the information first so you will not regret it at the end of the day.
  • Bring loupe: You should bring with you a loupe. A loupe is a magnifying device that is used to scrutinize a thing. In the case of stones, it can help you see the tiniest details. It is not like a magnifying glass because loupes do not have handles.
  • Condition: You also need to check for the condition of the stone you are interested. You have to make sure that the piece is in great shape or condition. You have to check for the repairs and the scratches.
  • Find out the premium: You have to be familiar with the buyer’s premium. Premium refers to the percentage. The house will also be paid. You have to talk about it and make sure that you reach an unacceptable price.
  • Watch and listen: Since this is your first time, it pays to watch and listen. Q

Being in an auction is not easy especially if it is your first time. It is complicated and you have to know your trade to be successful but once you get the rhythm, you can easily go along with other professional buyers. There are many auction houses here in Singapore if you do not want to go far. There are some Singaporeans that are knowledgeable about this trade. You should seek their services.