Mobile Phones on Airplanes

You travelled in and out of Singapore myriad of times. Flight attendants always remind you to turn off your mobile phones. You just comply without knowing the reason. What is the reason behind this? The use of mobile phones aboard airplanes is restricted to avert disruption to the cellular towers on ground.

In United States, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) permits the use of wireless devices during the flight only if the airline determined that the device will not restrict aircraft navigation or communication.  Since most of airline companies restrict the use of mobile phones while airborne, it became a habit of all passengers to turn off their mobile phones.

Many passengers are insistent that the airlines allow the use of mobile phones. You should know that there are airlines that now deregulate the use of mobile phones. Qantas and Virgin are proud to announce that Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) granted their request to change the rule about mobile phones.

Other airlines are expected to follow the lead of Qantas and Virgin. What prompted the CASA to grant the request of both airlines? CASA said that their aircrafts are now designed with the technology that can deal with electromagnetic interference. However, when the aircraft door is closed, everyone is encouraged to turn their phones in “flight mode”.

Just do what the authorities say to ensure a safe and smooth travel. Do not oppose the authorities because they know what they are doing. So, the next time you fly in and out of Singapore, be sure to turn off your phones.