Menstrual cycles are something you have to deal with every month and that is not very comfortable at all. There are girls who are blessed enough not to encounter menstrual discomforts every month while some feel pain and other things. Lucky for you, your mother is there to teach something which she got from your grandmother and your female predecessors.


What are the things to avoid during your menstrual cycle? Here are some:

  1. Do not shave: According to scientists, during your menstrual cycle, oestrogen levels fall dramatically. If you have low oestrogen levels, it makes physical pain hurt more because this is the time the body becomes too sensitive. If you are due for waxing or even shaving, you should move it for when your period is over. If you have an appointment with your dentist, postpone it too.


  1. Do not watch sad movies: You might find this foolish but you have to believe that it can play a part in menstrual discomfort. You should not be surprised that your emotions are little different when you are on your period. Your hormone levels will drip and romantic or sad movies will only make things worse. These movies can intensify your sensitivity which will make you feel more down. Instead, watch for funny movies.


  1. Do not be lethargic: Here in Singapore, women with periods are allowed to skip PE or gym classes because they think that it can do harm. The truth is it does not. If you are being lethargic, all the more you can think of the pain and discomfort. Experts are recommending women to do physical activities during their menstrual cycle as it helps with anxiety and cramps.


  1. Do not consume dairy products: Dairy products are not best when you have your menstruation because they contain arachidonic acid. This acid can result to more cramping in your lower abdomen.


  1. Do not eat foods high in salt: Whether it is your menstrual cycle or not, experts are discouraging people to eat foods high in salt or in sodium. Remember that increased consumption of sodium can lead to bloating, cramps and fluid retention which are not helpful during your menstrual periods.


  1. Do not let the protection stay longer: Tampons are important during these days and some claim that you can use it for eight hours straight. No matter the case, you have to frequently change tampons every three to four hours. This will limit the discomfort plus it can prevent the development of bacteria resulting to that foul odor you know so well.


All Singaporeans have attitude – some are easy to bear with, some are difficult. Regardless of the attitude of the people you meet, it is important that you know how to handle them because it can make you successful at the end of the day. It is helpful that you have this kind of emotional intelligence so you can deal with people especially those that are toxic or difficult.


Here’s how you should handle difficult people:

  1. Establishing boundaries. At the beginning, smart people already know that they cannot please everybody. You can start with that. Once you accept that, you will not sell yourself short. You will instead rise above amidst the chaos and establish some distance or boundaries with difficult people.


  1. Focusing on solutions. You should not waste your time trying to understand difficult people and changing them. Instead of focusing on them, why not focus on the problems and make actions. It will better the odds. There is no point listening to their negativity.


  1. Being self-aware. When you are aware of your weaknesses and strengths, you have better chances of outsmarting difficult people. When you are met with different stress every day, by knowing your weaknesses and strengths, you do not allow difficult people to influence your actions.


  1. Learning from the situation. Yes you can forgive but you cannot forget because it served as your lesson learned. All these years, you have learned that experience is the best teacher. You can protect yourself from the claws of negative or difficult people by remembering the lessons you learned in life.


  1. Tuning out negativity. There is no surprise that difficult people always speak of negativity and criticism. You should be wise enough not to listen to them because chances are they are just making things a lot messier. You should not listen or even engage in negativity and criticism talks.


  1. Saving energy. Difficult people will stir disagreement and fight. If you are involved, you will be damaged. The best way is to save all your energy for the next day. Do not respond to all negative things you hear.


  1. Focusing on the good things. Smart people simply want to be happy and pray to stay that way for a long time. If you derive your joys within rather than the external forces, brighter days will come. However if you need other people to make you feel happy, that is the time that you need to get away.


  1. Resting when necessary. If you get enough rest, nothing can break you. Sleeping is important because it recharges your brains and emotions.


Some people think that a good singing voice is something you’re either born with or without. However, while genetics do play a role in defining the sound of our voice, our singing voice is still an instrument that can still be trained. So whether you have ambitions of singing opera, modern pop, or any other genre, the following vocal training tips will surely help you unlock your singing voice—and make you sound better than you may have thought possible.


1. Perform Warm-Up Exercises to Prevent Injuries

Just like how you’d warm up your muscles before exercising, you also need to warm up your vocal cords before singing to prevent injuries and strains. Start warming up your vocals by performing basic breathing exercises, or simply breathing in and out using your mouth until your lungs are empty.

After spending a minute doing breathing exercises, you can now start singing scales to warm up your voice and “acclimate” your vocal cords to the notes you’ll be practicing in your vocal lessons later on. Performing even just two or three minutes of arpeggios and scales are already enough to prevent any singing injuries.

2. Keep Your Vocal Cords Lubricated

Ever noticed how croaky your voice gets whenever your throat is dry? Your vocal cords move hundred times faster as you sing and when you learn singing in class in Singapore which is why it’s crucial that keep them well-lubricated just like any other moving machine.

So make sure that you drink plenty of water as you sing to keep your vocal cords properly lubricated. Apart from water, a lot of singers in Singapore swear by drinking a mixture of honey and lemon juice to clear their throats prior to their vocal training sessions.

3. Use the Right Posture as You Sing

Professional singers actually don’t sing from their mouth, but from their diaphragm. Unless you’re standing in the correct posture, letting the air freely flow through your throat and vocal cords might seem challenging.

Practise good singing posture by keeping your chest high, shoulders back, chin on parallel angle to the floor, and your upper body held up straight. While in this position, relax your muscles to allow air to flow freely through your vocal cords.

4. Master Proper Breathing Control

Apart from standing up straight to sing from your diaphragm, you should also be able to control your breathing. Having proper breathing control allows you to hold notes longer, while reducing the likelihood of straining your voice.

Master the proper breathing control by breathing through your lungs, and taking in as much air as possible. Imagine that there’s an elastic band tied around your midsection area, and that you’re trying to expand it using your stomach. Breathe air in using your nose and out using your mouth. Keep your body relaxed, and you’ll eventually master the right breathing control to enhance your singing voice and allow you to hold notes longer as you perform on your singing lessons.

5. Practice Singing Using Songs That You Know and Like

Arpeggios, scales, and other vocal practice routines get boring fast. So instead of practicing using the common vocal training exercises, sing along to a song that you like to keep your learning process more entertaining. From operas to pop songs, let your taste in music determine the material you’ll use to warm-up and train your singing voice. Just keep in mind that most pop songs only cover a small register, so try more challenging pieces to help you improve your voice even more.


6. Perform Scales to Train Your Voice

If singing your favourite songs isn’t much of a challenge anymore, consider increasing your vocal range and unlock your true singing prowess by practicing scales that will push your voice to its limits. Just ensure that you warm-up adequately, since practicing scales can be challenging for your vocal cords at times and could potentially lead to injury.

Set some goals for yourself, and try stepping up a semitone or two each week. Practicing scales regularly will eventually allow you to sing in registers that were previously impossible for you.

7. Record Yourself as You Sing

According to some vocal coaches in Singapore, recording yourself as you sing is one of the best ways to spot the weak points of your singing voice. Record yourself performing simple exercises or your favourite pop songs, preferably in a room with as little reverb as possible. After that, review the recordings of your voice and spot sharp or flat notes, as well as some bad breathing techniques.

Carefully analysing your singing will make it easier for you to determine as to what exercises or techniques you need to practice more during your vocal training sessions.

8. Train in Short Sessions

Singing for long hours may burn out your voice, and leave you feeling croaky for the rest of the day. This is the very reason why touring singers take a time off between their shows; playing every night could potentially strain and injure their vocal cords.

So as you practice singing, ask your vocal coach to limit your vocal lessons to one hour to avoid potential vocal cords straining or injury. If you’re practicing singing techniques like belt singing, consider shortening your training sessions even more.

9. Practice Within Your Limits

Your body knows itself well, so if ever feel any muscular pain or strain after singing, consider taking a break to allow you vocal cords to recover. Remember to stay well-hydrated before, during, and after your singing lessons. Just like your workout routines, singing can be an amazingly demanding activity, so make sure that you give your body enough time to relax and recover in between your training sessions.

10. Sing With a Piano Accompaniment

As you practice arpeggios and scales, have a friend or family member play the piano to make sure that you stay in tune. Mastering pitch is an essential aspect of singing well, because even the best sounding voice will sound bad if it’s singing off tune.

There’s no need to practice with a piano for your whole session though. Just perform your warm-ups with the assistance of a keyboard or piano to help you improve your pitch, and make you a much better singer.

Developing a good singing voice only takes enough patience and effort to practice. So whether you’re attending a prestigious music school, or just practicing on your own, working these tips out will surely help you become the great singer you’ve always wanted to be.


Making yourself prettier nowadays can be very easy. There are a lot of products you can choose from depending on your preference of prize and skin sensitivity. If you are a newbie, don’t fret. All you just have to do is equip yourself with the right start-up kit that you can use and practice with. Here are the must-haves the Singapore women listed as they started their beauty journey:


  1. BB Cream. There are many BB Creams offered in the market by well-known brands or even locally made products. For a tip, go for something that you are sure how to use, perfect fit to your skin like those lightweight creams with SPF, etc. These types of products can give you that warm pinkish glow and spreads in your face in the right amount of coverage making you as fresh and young-looking as ever.


  1. Liquid Concealer. If you have beauty problems like zits and freckles, it is mandatory that you use liquid concealer to hide them instantly. This beauty product can help you look flawless and can even your skin tone if properly used.


  1. Face Palette. For a make-up noob like you, this should be your BFF. If you want to try different types of make-up looks to beautify your face, buy one of these. You can ask someone more experienced to help you out or you can practice by yourself with the help of YouTube and other beauty or fashion websites.


  1. Gel and Liquid Eyeliner. This is probably one of the products that are the most challenging to apply. If you’re still new at this, try to find those types with angle tips that can help you to draw lines easily as you paint your lid.


  1. Mascara. Part of baby steps is to use mascara. You need this in order to get full and thick set of lashes. Usually you have to buy an eyelash curler as mascara’s partner but there are tons of products and brands nowadays that offer both. If you have mastered putting your mascara, you can take one step further by buying false eyelashes and lash extensions for better looks.


  1. Lipstick. You can never go wrong with wearing lipstick. Whatever shade you like or fits with your look and mood, lipsticks deliver even without the need to put more make-up on your face. For beginners, the usual colors are red, pink and other light colors. You might want to add some lip balm or lip gloss to give it an extra shine but nonetheless your start-up kit will then be complete once you purchase this one.


There are workplaces in Singapore and even around the world that are indeed too toxic too handle. A toxic place composed of toxic people to work with will not result into a healthy working relationship. In order to identify if your workplace belongs to this category, check out the list below:


  1. Major communication problems. Communication is very important in an office. It may be in different modes relayed from bottom to top or vice versa. Either way, communication applied should be effective and constant. Lack of proper communication and connection among employees can create problems and may result into conflict and misinterpretation. If you do not want difficulties to arise in your workplace, make communication open all the time.


  1. Inconsistency in following policies. You can’t force some employees to really follow office policies. That’s the problem. A workplace becomes very toxic if all the people working in it do not know how to follow simple rules and regulations. Usually even the tiniest details are neglected, what more on the general and more important policies? If employees are valued enough and are disciplined accordingly, then problems will not be incurred.


  1. Narcissistic leaders. There are different types of leaders. Narcissistic leaders are toxic to work with because they would not listen to your suggestions and contributions. They usually believe that they are the only ones who could solve problems, make creative ideas, and so on. As much as possible, it would be healthier for you to not argue with these types of leaders or better yet you and other employees can file an intervention regarding the said superior.

Young confident caucasian businessman screaming on his employee

  1. Seething disgruntlement. One way or another we all experience dissatisfaction with our jobs. Some employees are much more vocal and they often reflect their unhappiness with the level of commitment and work they put in a project or assignment. Unvalued and unhappy employees result into low performance. These people can really be toxic to work with especially if you end up doing their job for them on top of your own responsibilities.


  1. Physical and emotional health effects. If your workplace creates that unhealthy and unhappy atmosphere, you might want to evaluate if you’d still want to stay or leave. Don’t put yourself in a situation or don’t strain yourself physically and emotionally by staying in a workplace that you know doesn’t give you the fulfillment and happiness you deserve. If you seldom get sick or if you consistently experience stress and depression, maybe it’s time to find a new job or workplace that could make you feel otherwise.

Office life: business team during a meeting

You need to do some maintenance on your drainage system to maintain it in good working condition. However, most homeowners forget to pay any attention to their plumbing systems until issues like a clogged drain or a leaky faucet arises. This is when they decide to contact a plumber to fix such issues. But how will you be able to find a skilled, reputable and reliable plumber? Consider looking for the following qualities to make sure that you find a plumber who you can count on.

Portrait Of Delivery Driver With Clipboard

1. Expertise

Proper plumbing education and qualification is crucial for any plumber. For someone to become a skilled plumber, he should be appropriately qualified, trained, and educated in his respective field. Therefore, opt for someone who has been qualified as a certified plumber from a reputable plumbing agency in Singapore, as such plumbers are the ones who are guaranteed to practise professionalism, seriousness, and enthusiasm in their work.

2. Experience

Plumbing systems are complex, and should only be dealt with by professionals who know what they are doing. Hiring an inexperienced plumber or plumbing contractor will likely lead to accidents that might force you to replace your plumbing system, which can be time consuming and really expensive. So make sure that you do some research beforehand to find 24 hrs plumbers for you in Singapore who has the right amount of experience in working on similar plumbing issues as yours.

3. Certifications and License

Before hiring a particular plumber, make sure to ask if they have proper certification and license. A licensed plumber is someone who has undergone proper training and processes, so its rest assured that both you and your plumbing system will be in good hands.

4. Service Warranty

When it comes to plumbing services, it pays to check on the warranty that a particular plumber offers. Having repeat visits for the same issue will likely cost you more if a warranty isn’t in place before the initial work started. Consider working closely with your plumber, and ensure that you thoroughly understand the warranty before agreeing to any specifications of the job. In the event that you feel like your plumber isn’t ready to give a service warranty for a certain period of time, consider looking for another plumber.

5. Insurance Coverage

Working as a plumber comes with its own risks: faulty equipment, chemical hazards, electrical shocks, and injuries resulting from materials. This is what makes having an insurance coverage an important quality to consider when looking for a plumber. Hiring a plumbing contractor with the right kind of insurance ensures not just his safety, but your property’s and your own safety as well.


6. Availability to Address Your Needs

A plumber’s availability is another quality to consider when measuring his reliability. Whenever you have a broken pipe or any problem that needs to be addressed immediately, your prospective plumber should be readily available to fix your problem. Otherwise, your property might suffer more serious damages. So a crucial trait to look for in a good plumber is his availability particularly during emergency situations.

7. Reputation

How long has the plumber or the plumbing contractor been in the industry? Are their plumbing services reliable? Or are they going to leave your plumbing system in disarray? These are some of the questions that you should consider as you look for your prospective plumber. Reputations are easily developed, whether it’s for good or bad. So make sure that you take advantage of the online reviewing sites, and hear a plumber’s work reputation straight from his previous clients. Looking through such reviews is one of the quickest way to get a good assessment of your prospective plumber.

If you have enough time and if it’s near your area in Singapore, consider visiting the plumbing company where your prospective plumber is working to get first-hand information and feedback about the person.

8. Competence

Every homeowner wants a plumber who is highly knowledgeable in the field of plumbing works and repairs. By talking to several plumbers, you’ll get an idea as to who really knows their job, and who seems to just beat around the bush. Ask a few questions, and assess how detailed their answers are. Doing this will help you gauge whether or not your prospective plumber has the proper knowledge and skill for the type of plumbing repair that you need.

9. Reliability and Honesty

A good plumber should be reliable as well – especially if you’re planning to get a 24 hours plumber service. That said, make sure to opt for plumbers who show up promptly, are neatly dressed, and fully-equipped with all the necessary materials.

Along with being reliable, your plumber should also be honest. As a homeowner, you are likely to be unaware of how your plumbing system works, as well as the amount of money and time it takes to fix problems related with it. With that in mind, ensure that you will hire a plumber who won’t take advantage of your lack of plumbing knowledge and overcharge you once the job is completed.

10. Punctuality

Punctuality is another important quality that any good plumber should possess. A plumber’s skill and experience won’t matter if he always shows up late for work. After all, nothing turns off a client more than wondering as to whether or not the plumber will show up. So test the punctuality of your prospective plumber by scheduling a meeting, and seeing if he arrives on time or not.

Finding a reliable plumber to address your plumbing needs can be very challenging at times. So make sure that you keep these qualities in mind to make your next plumber search less stressful and more worthwhile.


You are a foodie and you are searching for that unique gastronomic delight. This is your lucky day because Dinner in the Sky Malaysia is fully operational. This unique experience will surely take you 45 TO 50 metres off the ground. Many Singaporeans tried and were extremely satisfied of this experience. The feel is there from the food, sight and fireworks.


The Dinner in the Sky Malaysia is a first in Southeast Asia and what is the best thing? It is near Singapore so you can just go there anytime you like (but do not forget to book first). If you are not familiar with this experience, here are some things that you need to know about it:


Even if you are a foodie, knowing that you will dine in the sky sounds frightening that is why the first thing that comes to your mind is the safety. The table can go as high as 50 metres off the ground however the actual height of the table will depend on the discretion of the organizers since there are different factors to be considered like wind conditions.

For your safety, the design is agreeable to German norm (DIN 4112). The table is created in Belgium. The simulations and calculations on the other hand are TUV tested and passed. The strict safety standards is the reason why Dinner in the Sky is present in more than forty countries in the world since its launch in 2006. Dinner in the Sky Malaysia follows strict guidelines provided by Malaysia’s Department of Occupational Safety & Health Malaysia.



A dinner experience will not be complete without the four-meal course. The dinner will take about one hour. There are only two schedules given every day – 7PM and 8:30PM. Before purchasing tickets online, make sure to decide what time since it is non-transferrable and non-refundable. There is a standard menu offering different selections for the main course but you are not allowed to change or demand anything not in the menu.

The official caterer is Double Tree by Hilton. Rest assured that the foods are carefully selected. The foods being served are all Halal and certified by the Department of Islamic Development Malaysia. No foods bought from the outside are allowed in the dining.


The table can hold at least 22 people in every session. Only guests who are above 18, not more than 150 kilograms and at least 145 centimetres are allowed. Guests with conditions like high blood pressure, pregnant, neck and back problems, broken bones and the like are not allowed.


When you finally decided to travel alone, everyone is just looking at you and thinks that you are out of your mind and travelling alone is madness. Let them think whatever they want but no matter what happens, you have to pursue with your plans. For others, travelling alone may be madness but for you, it is self-discovery.


Indeed it is hard to travel alone and you do not know what will happen but you can only hope that you will go home a different person with renewed perspective. If you travel alone, you have to ensure your safety. No one can do that for you except yourself. You only need to rely on yourself. Here are some safety tips when travelling outside Singapore alone:

  • Make friends. Just remember that there is safety in numbers. If you have to go to a place, it is always good to make friends but you need to be careful since not all tourists have good intentions. You also need to make friends with yourself. If you do this, you will not feel alone. You are your own best friend and you won’t feel lonely in a foreign land.


  • Be open to experiences. Doing new things might scare you but the point in travelling alone is to eliminate those negative feelings and be happy with everything around you. If you see someone smiling at you, smile back. Eat local foods and spend time doing local activities.


  • Choose hostels. You will meet a lot of people when you stay at hostels. Yes, hotels are safe but where is the fun in meeting new people? Forget about staying in fancy hotels and just book a hostel. Chances are you will find someone who has the same likes among hostel guests. That brings more vibrant to your trip. If you are kind of constrained, you can always choose couchsurfing. Couchsurfing can give you opportunities to stay with locals and meet other travellers.


  • Smile a lot. Now the most important thing that you can bring with you is your smile. Smile can make a great difference at the end of the day so it is important that you smile. Remember to smile and the whole world will smile back at you.


  • Make friends with locals. Your smile can give you many friends, even local ones. If you want to get first hand recommendation from a local, you have to make friends with them. It won’t hurt you to strike a conversation first and who knows, you will have fun.

Travelling alone can be scary but with the things mentioned above, you will have a safe trip.


How long has that resignation letter been sitting in your drawer? Have you ever imagined doing a different job or having a more interesting career? All of us want to be in a job that’s fulfilling, but very few dare to take the leap. If you’re seeking for a little push to finally tender your resignation, here are four reasons to fire you up.


  1. Your Efforts Are No Longer Working Out

You will know it’s time to quit when you have put so much effort on your duties, but still see no improvement. Once you have decided to quit, remember that you are in charge of how to deliver that message to your employer and to the people who deserve to know about it. Family and friends may respond with concerns, but it is your job to come up with plans for your next step.

  1. You Don’t See a Good Future With It

Every job should lead to something: a promotion, an opportunity to learn new things, take on additional responsibilities or tackle new challenges. The future should show some potential to be different from today. Your boss should be able to help you and your co-workers to improve your future, even if—and especially if—that means you will eventually move to a bigger and better opportunity.


  1. It Improves Your Quality of Life

Staying at a job that you no longer find fulfilling can leave you emotionally drained, but walking away from the unhappiness and stress can significantly improve your well-being. According to science, stress and tensions can exacerbate or trigger heart attacks and increase the risk of other diseases. While it’s common to experience financial stress after quitting a job, finding one that you know you love will eventually provide long-term positive effects.

  1. You Feel Like You Don’t Have Purpose

Everyone wants to feel like a part of something significant. Every person likes to feel that they have impact not just on the productivity, but also in other people’s lives. Life is too short to spend on nothing important. It’s a tormenting to go home every single day feeling overworked, but have not accomplished anything meaningful.

Money won’t buy everything—but if you have to work for it, don’t you want your work to pay off more than just the monetary equivalent it provides? Do not let other people determine your future. Go out and find your worth. You will be surprised how financially stable you will become when you find a job that you truly love.


Now that you’re in your mid-20s, you have probably pondered about certain things in your life. Twenty five might be still young but you are slowly transitioning to full-gown mature adult. So, how should you adjust your life according to your maturity? Start with this guideline that outlines the things you should quit doing by now.


  1. Dating Unsuitable People

It’s naturally hard to find someone to be life-long partner, but by the time you reach 25, you should already have a good idea of what you need in a partner. This is no longer the time to experiment on people who are obviously not right for you. Keep a healthy balance between being realistic and being willing to give people a chance to be part of your life.

  1. Being Carefree of Your Finances

Unless you don’t have a single financial responsibility, you have to learn to live within your means. Know that you have bills to pay and everyday expenses to consider. It’s also time to get responsible and start your own savings account, together with a retirement plan if you have not got one yet.

  1. Wasting Time on the Internet

This one can be challenging. Nowadays, people seem to be too dependent to the internet. We use it to communicate with friends, find information, as well as just browse through social media and unconsciously waste plenty of precious time. Learn to set your limits. If you can, try going internet-free in a day every week.


  1. Being Too Nice

It’s human nature to want people to like us. However, being overly concerned of how to please everyone may push you to do things that could be contrary to what you believe is right for you. By this age, you should know what you are capable of and where your limits end. Learning to say ‘no’ is an important step to becoming mature.

  1. Taking Your Fitness and Health For Granted

Many of us subject our bodies to too much alcohol, excessive junk food and late night parties in college without feeling the negative effects. Unfortunately, as you age, your body’s tolerance to these tasks gradually decreases. Now is the time to eat healthily, start hitting the gym and limit those wild night parties.

Twenty five may be still young, but you are at the age where you should be responsible of yourself. It’s no longer reasonable to be reckless and immature; time to do something to change your life for the better.


Vitamin B12 deficiency is a silent destroyer. If you ignore it and think that it is just a petty thing, it will affect your productivity and your relationships. Having this deficiency means not enough red blood cells that carry oxygen through the body. It can lead to anaemia. If you are anaemic, you will feel tired, weak and lethargic at all times no matter the hours of rest you took.


You should know that the body cannot produce enough vitamin B12 alone for all bodily function so you need outside sources. With this, it is important that you eat the right kind of food and of course with the recommendation of your physicians. Here are the foods that you should consider:

  • Eggs: Eggs are an excellent source of vitamin B12 especially the raw yellow portion. If you have duck or goose eggs, you can consume it.


  • Cheese: You have to be reminded that not all types of cheese are rich in vitamin B12. You should particularly look for Feta, Parmesan, Swiss and Mozzarella cheeses. These cheeses have high amounts of vitamin B12 do not worry.


  • Lamb: Meat from the lamb can be an excellent source of vitamin B12. In fact, lamb meat alone can give you 60% of recommended daily usage. That contribution is big.


  • Beef: Speaking of meat, you can always lean on beef for higher vitamin B12 contents. You should particularly choose ribs, rib-eye and sirloin.


  • Shellfish: If you are a shellfish fan, it is time to think of it as healthy supplement to fill your vitamin B12 deficiency. Whether you choose a mussel or clam, it doesn’t matter because all contain loads of vitamin B12.


  • Caviar: Caviars are kind of expensive and you only see that in some functions and formal dinners as a garnish to larger dishes. Caviars are eggs of fishes and it can be a good source of vitamin B12.


  • Milk: Milk is not just for the strong bones but it can be an excellent addition to your vitamin B deficiency – it can serve as killing two birds with one stone. You should drink milk every day.

You can consider the foods mentioned above or dietary supplements to ensure that the body has enough B12 for normal functions. If this is not enough, there are injectable that you can consider as long as you consult your doctors first. As much as possible you have to eat huge amount so you can meat the recommended daily allowance.


Most Singaporeans already know that cancer and heart disease are silent killers so they go through blood pressure and cholesterol monitoring as well as mammograms for early detection. Few only realize that chronic kidney disease is a common life-threatening illness. Chronic kidney disease is often undetected until its advanced stage but it could be diagnosed early through submitting to simple tests.


According to the recent studies, more and more people are at risk of chronic kidney disease. If left untreated, chronic kidney disease can result to serious health complications. The good news though is that it if it is arrested early, it can be managed – the damage can either be stopped or slowed.

For those who are not suffering from it yet, it is important that you know the six steps for protecting your healthy kidneys. Here are the steps:

  1. Know the facts about chronic kidney disease. You should first understand what your kidneys can do so you can appreciate it. Kidneys can regulate your fluid levels. It can serve as a filter for toxins from your blood and releases hormones that can regulate your blood pressure. If your kidney is not healthy, it can lead to cardiovascular disease, weak bones, kidney failure, anaemia, heart attack, high blood pressure, stroke and worse, death.


  1. Assess the risks. People with diabetes or who are obese have higher risk of developing it. If you are already diabetic or obese, you have to submit for some tests. Other risk factors include cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure and family history. Other risks factors include prolonged use of painkillers and other NSAIDs, low birth weight, 60 years or older, lupus, kidney stones, chronic urinary tract infections and many more.


  1. Recognize symptoms of chronic kidney disease. Early chronic kidney disease have no indications but it can be diagnosed. Many people ignore it because there are no symptoms. That is the greatest mistake you will make. You have to know before it hits but you can start with the following signs: weakness or fatigue, dark urine, foamy urine, painful urination, puffy eyes, swollen parts of the body and increased thirst.


  1. Get tested for chronic kidney disease. Even if you do not notice the symptoms, if you know that you belong to a high-risk group, you should get tested early. Consult your doctor. They will usually require one or all of the four simple tests. Tests include blood pressure, protein in urine, creatinine in blood and glomerular filtration rate.


  1. Stay healthy. You should not be reminded always to stay healthy. Avoid foods that lead to its damage, exercise regularly, quit smoking, always submit to annual physical tests, drink in moderation and stay hydrated.


  1. Learn more about chronic kidney disease. If you have questions in your mind, do not hesitate to ask and learn more.


Most people do not know that they are entitled for compensation for late flights. Due to the fact that only a few of us know about this, we often suffer the consequences of having our flights delayed or cancelled without receiving just compensation. Our time is among the most significant things we should value in life. Therefore, when we are delayed, it must have a reasonable cause. If not, then we have to be compensated for the time we wasted due to the unreasonable delay or cancellation of flight. Get more information about this by reading this article up to the last part.


Check-In At Airport

If you are interested in claiming flight compensation in case of delayed or cancelled flights, you must check-in on time. When you purchase a flight ticket from a certain airline company, this means that you have entered a contract with this firm. One of the potions in your contract is that you must be prepared to depart on the date of your flight at a pre-specified time. You should show them that you have complied your part. Once you have done this and your flight has been delayed or worse, cancelled, you are now entitled to certain benefits. Among these benefits is the right to claim a compensation and make phone calls.

Delayed Flights

You have to keep in your mind that only because your flight is delayed does not mean that you are automatically eligible for compensation. There are certain criteria to look for to qualify for missed flight compensation. As a matter of fact, the rules and laws differ from one country and another.

In the case of European countries, among the determining factors before we can consider a flight as delayed are the duration of delay and the distance of the flight route. A good example of this is when your flight is delayed for two hours and the flight route has to travel 1,500 kilometres or even less. In cases like this one, you are certainly eligible for claiming flight compensation.

In situations wherein you will need to spend one more night before you can take your flight, the airline company need to arrange your accommodation. They are entitled to offer you hotel stay until your flight departure. Also, you will also be given some free meals.

One thing you have to remember is that there are times when you can’t claim for compensation. One example is when the airline company can prove that the delay is due to extraordinary circumstances that are beyond their control, including extreme weather conditions. Nevertheless, if the delay is more than three hours, the airline company offers their passenger a full refund of their flying ticket.


Rules And Regulations

There are a lot of laws regarding air travels. If you want to claim compensation for late flights, you must know some, if not all, rules about it. However, we all know that it is impossible for a person, who is not an expert of travel laws, to know every single piece of information about air travels. This is why it is recommended for you to seek help from the experts. If your flight is delayed and you are unsure whether you are eligible for compensation, it is best to work with delay flight compensation specialists.

These flight compensation claim companies are knowledgeable and skilled in helping passengers get the right compensation for them. They have been doing this for quite some time now. Therefore, they will be a big help. Also, you no longer have to worry about anything when claiming for compensation. It is them who will take care of all the things that need to be processed. However, they will still need your cooperation for them to seek compensation on your behalf.

You do not have to worry as well. Why? It is because there are a lot of flight compensation firms that offer “No Win, No Pay” service. This means that you do not have to pay anything to them if ever they fail to get missed flight compensation on your behalf. Once they have successfully helped you get the just compensation you deserve, they will only be asking you for a portion of your compensation. This means that it is definitely a win-win kind of situation for you. If you get nothing, then you pay nothing. If you get something, then you will only pay a small amount, an amount smaller than the amount you will receive from the airline company.


Before you go ahead and buy anything you want from the store, you have to make sure that you know what you’re buying and that you’re sure that what you want or need to buy is the right item. By following this idea, you are ensuring that you spend money purchasing what you really need and you get the right item to use.


In buying a bed, the same idea can be applied as well. Because as we all know, purchasing the right bed is very essential. This piece of bedroom furniture is where you can sleep on, take a nap, or rest for a while. So it’s really important that you get the right bed from the store. In addition, beds are not that inexpensive. Yes, it may be true that some beds are offered at a very cheap price. But you’re not sure of the quality of this good. Wouldn’t it be much better to purchase the right item rather than send it back because you found out how low the quality is after several uses?

Because you spend about one third of your entire life sleeping, it is safe to say that you need the suitable bed to make this activity very comfortable for you. In fact, you will need tips to help you pick beds comfortably, quickly, and easily.

Tip #1: Try the beds at the store

Although several stores prohibit customers from sitting and sleeping in chairs and beds, there are others that will let you because they want you to experience using the products first. This is a really good thing because right there and then, you will be able to easily determine if the bed is right for you or not. Just make sure that you confirm with the salesperson first if you can try the products or not. It will be much better to try them at the store than purchase them and find out that you’re not comfortable sleeping on it. Though you may take it back, it’s a big hassle all in all.

Tip #2: Consider the Size of the Bed You Want to Purchase

As mentioned above, you will discover different sizes of beds available in the store. It truly is essential that you consider the size of bed you want to have. Of course, you want to purchase a merchandise that fits you or you and your partner. You may choose from a single to a king-size bed depending on want you want to purchase. But do think about if this particular fits you well. If you have long limbs or if you’re comfortable sleeping in a large bed then you should buy a large one.


Tip #3: Consider the Price of the Bed You Want to Purchase

In relation to the second tip, you also have to consider of the price of the bed. Even if you want a king-size bed but can’t afford it, you will have to consider other sizes that fits your budget. It could help to ask the salesperson if they have some sort of promo or a great deal you can take advantage of. It could be saving money when you purchase this or that particular bed or you can get this bed if you purchase another item. Just remember that it’s not a great idea to sacrifice your comfort to make an affordable purchase because you will be the one suffering in the end. So get one that you’ll be comfortable sleeping in.

Tip #4: Pick a Durable Bed

Although you don’t want to admit it, many adults love to jump on their beds because they’re happy or they simply want to. Because adults are bigger in size and weight than kids, it is understandable that you should get a durable one. When you look inside a store, you will discover how important durability is especially for this kind of home furniture. So make sure that you truly consider this tip.


Oftentimes, diet and exercise is still not enough. No matter how hard you try to cut down on unhealthy eats and do more rigorous activities, there are still certain fatty areas in the body that won’t melt off. While this has been a long known fact, many women still believe that a few more lunges and crunches can make these problematic spots disappear.


Fortunately, surgical fat removal procedure is no longer the only option we have today. There’s no need to endure lengthy downtime that will keep you from doing your work and day-to-day activities, and no need to be in discomfort to wait for your body to heal. Thanks to coolsculpting—the new, non-invasive way to reduce fat and get rid of unwanted cellulites.

Why Is It Called Coolsculpting?

Coolsculpting uses cryolipolysis, which is a method that utilizes cold temperature to destroy fat cells. What’s cool about this is that the surrounding tissues are not affected and remain healthy. In the days and weeks following the treatment, your body’s natural mechanism metabolizes the dead fat cells and washes them out of your system. Once optimum result is achieved, you will see a 25 to 35 percent reduction in your fatty regions.

How Cold Can It Get?

Definitely not to the point where it feels like burning, though you’ll feel the coldness penetrating deep down the skin, which only lasts for the first few minutes before the area numbs. Depending on the size of the target area, your surgeon chooses an applicator from the three different size options that the sculpting machine has. With mild suction, the skin is gently pulled up by the applicators. No need to worry though as the procedure isn’t painful and doesn’t even need anaesthesia. Many people have visited Astique Clinic for coolsculpting in Singapore and have had great results with it. Furthermore, since the procedure takes just about an hour to complete, you can simply while that time relaxing, listening to music, talking on the phone, playing games or even doing some work on your tablet or laptop.

The Many Benefits of Coolsculpting

Aside from getting rid of extra packets of fat from certain parts of the body, coolsculpting Singapore offers more benefits to patients:


• It’s a non-surgical procedure, so there will be no chances of scarring from incisions.
• This non-surgical treatment is less expensive than its surgical counterpart.
• Pain and discomfort is minimal. Your body will respond to the procedure, but there’s no need for prescription drugs or pain relievers. Cold compresses after the treatment will suffice.
• Recovery period is very short. Although some patients have reported slight tingling sensation following the procedure, it usually goes away within hours.
• You don’t have to miss out on work and everyday activities. With coolsculpting Singapore there’s no downtime, so it’s possible to resume to work even right after you have completed a session.
• Results can also be drastic. Ridding of 25 to 35 percent of fat per treatment, this non-invasive treatment can really make a difference. If the results you expected aren’t achieved in one treatment, you can always do another one. Because the procedure isn’t painful, many patients do multiple treatments and enjoy better results.

Coolsculpting is an ideal option to those individuals who don’t want the extensive work and hassle of a traditional surgical fat reduction procedure. Coolsculpting is very relaxed, with most patients able to take a nap or read a book as the machine does its work. There is no need for anaesthesia, so you’re awake the entire team and be able to leave once the treatment has completed.

Results Take Time

This procedure needs time for its results to be noticeable, so you need to be patient. It takes anywhere between two and four months for the body to completely eradicate the destroyed fat cells. After that period, you’ll see the full result of the treatment. During that time, if you would like to trim off a few more inches from certain parts, you can schedule another coolsculpting appointment. While the destroyed fat cells are permanently eradicated, existing fatty tissues can develop. So, it is still of great importance to live a healthy lifestyle to maintain optimum results.

A Few Reminders

• Coolsculpting isn’t a replacement for healthy diet and exercise. These are necessary in maintaining the treatment’s results.
• Best result is achieved when a 360-approach is taken. If you only treat one small area, the body won’t maintain its new shape as you gain and lose weight over time. If you treat areas completely, your new shape remains even as you shrink and grow over the course of your life.
• Weight gain after the procedure is caused by the remaining fat cells that have expanded, which creates bulges and cellulites like those you already got rid of.
• This non-surgical procedure does not address loose skin. Once full result is achieved, the sagging skin may become more prominent, requiring a surgical treatment, such as body lift or tummy tuck to firm the skin up again.
• Coolsculpting should only be performed by a licensed surgeon.
• You should set a reasonable expectation to ensure satisfactory results of the procedure.
• Since there’s only three sizes for the applicator, the treatment can accommodate areas that are soft enough to be suck into the device. Hard to reach areas and very taut skin may not be suitable for this treatment.

Coolsculpting is the fastest growing non-invasive fat reduction procedure in Singapore. Those individuals who don’t have the time for extensive recovery period associated with surgical weight loss treatments may find a quick and painless solution in coolsculpting.


Dermatologists warn us of the most common causes of aging such as excessive sun exposure and habitual smoking. This is the reason why most of us go crazy in looking for products that offer optimum sun protection and others try to quite their smoking habit.

However, there are other causes of aging. Some of these are little known to us and are unknowingly wreaking havoc on our skin’s health. We shed light on some of these sneaky things that age our skin.


  • Pillow

Something in contact with our face 6 to 8 hours a day is bound to affect our skin’s health on a major scale. Normal cotton pillowcases cause breakouts and wrinkles, especially if you’re one of those people who like sleeping sideways. Cotton pillowcases can cause too much friction in the skin as we move in our sleep causing wrinkles and lines. To prevent this problem, opt for sleeping in a well-shaped pillow or using a silk pillowcase.


  • Fluorescent lights

Fluorescent lighting makes us look horrible in photos and in real life as well. According to experts, sitting under fluorescent lights for a total of 8 hours a day for 5 days a week will result to a significantly high amount of UV exposure. It is not yet clear if this amount is enough to cause skin cancer, but it definitely leads to photo-aging and skin damage.


  • Your eye makeup

The skin surrounding our eyes is very delicate. Improper and harsh removal of eye makeup can cause in the formation of fine lines under our eyes and wrinkles in our eyelids. This is why dermatologists always stress that the removal of eye makeup should be done with utmost care and gentleness. A helpful tip: When removing eye makeup, use petroleum jelly and apply it on the eye area for 5 minutes before gently wiping it off using a cotton ball or your trusty cleaning wipes.


  • Acrylic nail polish

We may not know it but the polish we use to make our nails pretty is actually aging our hands. Constant use and removal of acrylic nail polish is damaging your cuticle skin, causing inflammation and thickening. Also, wearing acrylic nails in general does make our hands look older.


  • Fad dieting

Fad diets are very popular especially on younger people wanting to lose weight fast. However, this is unhealthy and totally bad for the skin. When we yo-yo diet, the skin loses its elasticity because of the fluctuations in your weight. To make skin taut, it is advised that you keep a stable weight.


  • Exaggerated facial expressions

Ever notice yourself furrowing your brows in intense concentration when at work? This is unknowingly bad for the skin. When we furrow our brows constantly, lines start to appear in the center of our eyebrows. The same can be said when you like to raise your brows when getting your point across- fine lines can form on your forehead area. Facial expressions are generally not bad but it should be kept in moderation in order to get wrinkle-free skin.


There are different internet service providers here in Singapore that sometimes you get confused of what to consider. The good news is that there are different factors that you can consider when shopping around for the right internet service provider. It is a good idea to call every service providers and ask for details but sometimes, you have to do your work first.


You should gather information first. Here are some factors that you should consider when shopping around for internet service providers:

  • Speed: The first thing that you have to ask is their speed. Internet service providers will offer different speeds. If you are only thinking about home web surfing, speed should not be an issue to you. However if you think about YouTube uploading and streaming, you should put heavy emphasis on speed. For example, Digital Subscriber Line (DSL) or fiber-optics is a good choice but the speed tends to vary depending on your area and the time of day. If you are far from their offices, there is a tendency that the speed is slow.
  • Additional cost: Other service providers tend to conceal other costs like renting a router or modem. Others providers can give it for your free. Upon signing up, make sure that a router or modem will not give you additional costs.

network cables connected to switch

  • Data caps: Service providers will usually impose a monthly “cap”. This is how much data you can actually use and download. There are other companies that do not offer monthly cap. This is good for people who are frequent YouTube and Netflix user.
  • Bundling: Bundling can help you save money more. If you have an existing phone or cable service, bundling should be considered. Ask for bundling prices first before indulging.
  • Add-ons: Service providers will also offer add-ons like firewalls and software. Don’t just pay it without thinking. It is a good idea to have spyware and antivirus protection but you can get it from outside which is cheaper.
  • Other deals: Over the phone, you will be enticed of introductory deals. It is good but you have to know how much you will adjust after some time. Compare the “regular” prices and determine if you can save.

Now that you know what factors to consider, it is time that you make your choice before it is too late. Do not delay internet connection especially if you feel it can help your kids with their studies.

Choose wisely! When things get rough, anyway you can just call the company’s customer service.


Internet has myriad of benefits but we cannot deny the fact that the internet is increasingly moving us away from traditional conducts of staying in touch. As a result, friendship in the digital age has totally transformed. There is a study conducted by Oxford University and BT Mobile that revealed a clear picture of English people in terms of digital exposure.


The study included 2,000 adults and it revealed that a person in United Kingdom devotes 4 hours and 12 minutes every day socializing online. These people have at least 178 circle of social media friends, send about 31 text messages, post 13 Facebook comments, tweet 6 times and email 11 times. Furthermore, the average person sends first message (of the day) at 9:04 AM and last at 9:29 PM.

Although there are no studies about how Singaporeans conduct their activities on social media, this can give us a clear picture. With this, the researchers came up with rules of digital etiquettes. These etiquettes should be lived by in this digital age. Here are some digital etiquettes that you should know about:

Do not private message someone you do not know

Unless you do not want to be ridiculed by someone, do not private message him/her especially if you do not know him/her. If you have something important to say, at least introduce yourself.

Never hide viewing history from thy partner

To avoid trust issues, do not hide your viewing history from your partner. If you do not have anything to hide, why conceal it in the first place?

Do not overshare on Facebook

There is nothing wrong if you share few good books, movies and some pictures but you have to be careful so as not to overshare it. For example, do not divulge your address and say that you are alone. It can be the opportunity of other people to do something bad.


Never look through your partner’s phone

In a relationship, trust is the very foundation. If you do not trust your partner that much, you try to sneak through their phone and eventually their social media accounts. That is not good. Let your partner have his/her privacy.

Do not post to social media when you are emotional

When you are emotional, you tend to say lots of things – some you do not mean. Once you click or post something, it will be out in the public and it is not easy to retract. When you are emotional, deal with it privately and do not let the whole world know. If you cannot handle everything on your own, at least divulge it to your closest friends.

Do not send text messages when angry

When you are angry, you want to vent out but social media is not the right platform to do that. If you are angry, be angry to one person and not the whole crowd.

Humans, by nature, are social beings. Our enjoyments are linked to other people and it is not a surprise that we invest much effort and time into keeping in touch with acquaintances and friends. There is nothing wrong with the digital age but we have to learn few etiquettes so as not to hurt many people.


They say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. That is true and we should include cereals in our meal. A bowl of cereal can actually help us to jump start our day. Cereals are famous for its variety and nutrition – it is indeed a humble breakfast staple. Cereals proved to be appealing and convenient but millennials find corn flakes boring and soggy.    


Many Singaporeans consider cereals but there is a recent study published in New York Times that says cereals have declined in terms of sales. Sales of cereals in 2000 were about $13.9 billion but in the last year, it declined to $10 billion. According to reports, the main culprit for this sudden change is millennials.

According to Mintel, a market research firm, millennials see cereals as an inconvenient breakfast choice because it involves washing the dishes after. Millennials instead consider smoothies, yogurts and sandwiches. They do not eat it at home but take it outside. This gives us a good picture of the shift of breakfast choice. However it is not too late to let our children appreciate cereals. Cereals have many health benefits.

Here are the top health benefits of cereals:

  • Prevents constipation: If your child suffers from constipation, it is time that you prepare cereals. You have to know that cereals are rich source of fibre. Fibre facilitates stool and their passing in the digestive system. It makes the stool bulkier. The bulkier the stools, the more regular are the intervals. Preventing constipation is a good move in preventing haemorrhoids.
  • Aids digestion: Cereals are wholegrain. Wholegrain is a perfect source of fibre. Aside from preventing constipation, it seeks to aid digestion. Cereals provide good bacteria that contain probiotics which is basically god for the digestive tract.
  • Maintains healthy weight: Now you know that cereals are wholegrain. Wholegrain can in fact help maintain healthy weight. Cereals take longer to chew thereby sending signals to the brain that we are full.


  • Provides good source of calorie: Cereals are good source of calories. As you know, calories are capable of boosting energy. In other words, calories help us move, breathe, think and perform all sorts of mental and physical activities.
  • Offers vitamins and minerals: Cereals (unprocessed) contain tons of vitamins and minerals like potassium, magnesium, iron, B vitamins, phosphorus and many more. Once consumed, these vitamins and minerals are then absorbed, released to our bloodstream and go where the body needs it particularly. For example, magnesium goes to the muscles to help it make stronger.
  • Satiates hunger: Not all people know this but cereals can satiate hunger. This means that the calorie and the fibre can keep us full longer than any other food. It does not end there because cereals can make us calmer.

Aside from the inconvenience of cereals, millennials think that cereals are boring. Cereals can be fun and healthy at the same time. To make it more appealing, you only need to add dried or fresh fruits for more minerals and vitamins. You can also top it with seeds and buts for more fibre or eat it with plain yogurt.


Aloe Vera, which is also popularly known as the plant of immortality, contains 75 naturally active substances like amino acids, minerals and vitamins. Apart from those active substances, aloe Vera is also rich in saponins – a natural cleanser that helps in getting rid of skin problems, making it an excellent skincare product. So before you start thinking twice about adding in aloe Vera gel in your beauty regimen, here are some of the proven benefits of adding the plant on your skincare regimen.


1. Protects From the Sun’s Harmful Rays. One of the known skincare benefits of aloe Vera is sun protection. The gel forms a layer on the skin that serves as a protective layer and helps in refilling its moisture. Choline, a moisturizing compound found in aloe plants, works by healing sun burns faster, while the Choline salicylate reduces the inflammation, redness and swelling of the burn.

2. Destroys Acne-Causing Bacteria. Unlike in other plants, aloe Vera contains Gibberellins (plant hormone) and Polysaccharides (plant chemical compound) that protects the skin from the acne-causing bacteria. A research conducted among 60 Singapore men and women with mild acne showed a drastic acne reduction when aloe vera by forever living products from Singapore, mixed with retinoid cream, was used. As per the researchers, it may be due to the fact that aloe Vera can penetrate deeper into the skin to wipe out the bacteria trapped in the clogged skin pores.

3. Moisturizes the Skin. Another good thing about aloe Vera Singapore is that it moisturizes the skin without making it look oily. For men, the gel can be used and applied as an after-shave product as aloe Vera includes natural healing properties that heals almost any small cut.

4. Removes Scars. While it may not look like it, aloe Vera gel actually helps in removing scars including acne marks. A research shows that the plant aids in maintaining collagen production during the injury recovery process, thus keeping scars from forming. Other than that, aloe gel can also be used as a defensive coat over the scar to speed up its healing process.

5. Lessens Stretch Marks and Wrinkles. As you get old, getting wrinkles becomes normal and yet, everyone starts feeling anxious about their look when a wrinkle line appears. Luckily, you can already use aloe gel to lessen those unwanted marks and lines. Aloe Vera contains a good amount of antioxidants including beta carotene, and vitamins C and E that aids in improving the skin’s natural elasticity while keeping it hydrated. Other than that, the antioxidant properties of aloe Vera Singapore also helps in healing and reducing stretch marks.

6. Reduces Itchiness and Skin Inflammation. Apart from healing stretch marks and preventing appearance of wrinkles, aloe Vera can also be used to reduce itchiness and skin inflammation. Aloe Vera gel contains a soothing essence known as choline that aids in lessening itchiness and skin inflammation. In fact, even Ayurveda uses aloe Vera compounds to cure skin problems like acne, eczema and psoriasis.


7. Aids in Treating Skin Pigmentation. Brown spots can be a real cause of stress for some of us, but with aloe Vera, this doesn’t have to be the case. Our skin colour often depends on the pigments called melanin that are created by melanocytes. The pigment often appears in the form of brown patches in areas like the forehead, nose, cheeks, upper lip and the chin – and since aloe Vera Singapore contains substances like polysaccharides and mucilaginous, it can help in lightening the pesky brown spots.

8. Minimizes Excessive Oil Production of Skin. Excessive oil production combined with dirt and dust is what often causes skin problems like acne, inflammation, pimples, and black- and whiteheads. Luckily, all this can be prevented or treated with the help of the aloe gel. The plant contains choline salicylate, which aids in minimizing the skin’s excessive oil secretion, thus maintaining the oil level on the skin.

9. Treats Blemishes. Blemishes are the dark spots or skin discoloration caused by acne, aging, hormonal imbalance or excessive sun exposure. Fortunately, aloe Vera contains anti-inflammatory properties that can be used to treat or keep your skin from getting any blemishes.

DIY Aloe Vera Gel Uses

• For Glowing Skin. To get the glowing skin that you’ve always wanted, simply mix your aloe Vera gel with a teaspoon of milk and a little amount of turmeric powder. Once you’re done mixing, apply the mixture all over your face and leave it on for 20 minutes. After that, rinse the pack with clean water, pat your face dry with a soft towel and you now have a glowing skin.

• For Treating Blemishes. A good way to use aloe Vera gel to treat blemishes is to mix it with rose water and use the mixture as a facial pack for 20 minutes then wash it off. Use this method twice a week to completely treat blemishes and get the results that you want.

• For Getting Rid of Skin Pigmentation. Simply use the aloe gel on the pigmented areas of your body and leave it for 15 minutes before rinsing it off. Do this every other day to help you deal with your skin pigmentation problems.

• For Refreshing, Clean Face. Aloe Vera gel isn’t just perfect for preventing and treating skin problems, it can also work as an excellent facial scrub alternative. All you’ve got to do is add two tablespoons of oatmeal and a tablespoon of honey in the gel to create a paste. After that, apply the mixture all over your face then gently massage it before rinsing off with water. You’ll surely be amazed with how clean and refreshed your skin looks after using this facial scrub.

Experiencing certain skin problems can be really depressing. So start using homemade aloe Vera gels or the ones found in the Singapore market now to get rid of your skin problems and ease your anxiety associated with the problem.