Property Management: Hiring an Electrical Contractor

Whether you want an additional lighting in each of your condominium unit or repair a faulty electrical line in the lobby of your building, do-it-yourself electrical rewiring can be really intimidating, and dangerous if not done correctly. A small mistake can jeopardize the safety of your tenants, as well as your business operations.

Real Estate

Often, the best solution for this is to contract with a licensed electrical contractor. You can ask your colleagues or your property management company for recommendations of reliable electrical contractors.

Compare Project Bids

Before hiring a contractor, you’ll need to evaluate the cost of the project. Consider getting bids for the overall project cost and an evaluation of how the work will be performed.

You and your managing agent should find out if everything needed for the project, such as the electrical materials and service fees, are included in the quote or whether additional charges are required. Also, consider that prices of materials may increase due to the time difference between the time the estimation was made and the time the operation is started. If you have a good condo estate manager in Singapore, when comparing bids between two or more electrical contractors, make sure that each contractor gives a close estimation and not something like “around a hundred bucks.”

Find Out Timeframe of Work

After evaluation, the contractor will now have a clearer idea of how much work is needed for the project. You and your managing agent can then ask him for a projected date of accomplish, which may be in as little as a week or a month-long contract. The electrical project may interrupt your business operations so knowing when the project will be completed is extremely beneficial.

Ask for Complete Price List

Ask your contractor for a detailed price sheet that contains the breakdown of material and labor costs. This is highly recommended by property management companies as it allows property owners to evaluate whether the contractor is charging their clients with overly marked up material prices. But keep in mind that some contractors mark up on some materials to cover the expenses for delivering items to the site. Make sure that every single item is checked and the prices are agreed on before starting the work.


Clarify Any Questions

Avoid the most common mistake that many Singapore business owners commit when hiring professional services. Bring up all questions you have in mind that may be bothering you about the electrical project. The electrician will likely know the answers to all your electrical questions and can give you peace of mind. Also, remember that your contractor is a professional who has troubleshoot the exact same problem countless of times.

Put Things in Writing

For this type of agreement, never count on a handshake or verbal agreement. Make sure that everything agreed upon are stipulated in the contract. It should include a list of materials to be purchased by the contractor, description of work, number of workers, labor costs, payment terms, guarantees, and start and completion date. Read and understand everything written and never forget to read the fine prints.

The key to a safe and successful electrical works of your property is to look for an experienced and certified electrical contractor. Though their services cost much more than those with no certifications and licenses, the safety of your building, business, and tenants is hundred percent guaranteed.