Pros of Videoconferencing

Given the current technological status we have, it isn’t hard at all to hold a video conference. Videoconferencing not only saves us air travel expenses, it also helps us save time. Many local companies are now making videoconferencing an alternative choice.

Tele Communication companies and software companies providing this service have been seeing a rise in their businesses. This ultimately proves that more and more local companies are switching to videoconferencing. Huge enterprises might be using these better and lag-free software to speak to clients who reside in other countries that might be located miles away. However, smaller enterprises with tighter budgets might not be able to afford these services. Hence, these companies are also using other alternatives, such as Windows Live Messenger (known as MSN) and Google video chat, which are cheaper or may be even free.

Researchers have announced that by 2012, high-definition videoconferencing will be replacing 2.1 million airline seats. Sure enough, many companies are saving almost half, or even exceeding half, of their expenses spent on airline seats. Vast enterprises which dispatch their staff to other countries for conferences need to spend a bomb on their travel expenses. Other than saving on travel expenses, companies will also get to save on IDD phone bills, which might hit no less than $5000 a month. There are also more choices, it’s getting less expensive, and it gives a richer experience with the advancement of technology. Another pro is that videoconferences allow you to have a word with clients from two different countries, which saves you time and money of two flights.