Robotic Helpers that Will Make Life Easier

Robots are here in Singapore for a reason and it is for the best. The advancement of robotics has made the life of people easier and more comfortable. Its use ranges from manufacturing to health care. Robotics is mainly evident in safety and productivity. It does not end there because robotics saves time and money.


There are Singaporeans who despise the advent of robotics but there are others who embrace it wholeheartedly. It was mentioned earlier that robotics can be used in health care. In this line, there are some robots manufactured than can make the life of people easier and more comfortable here in Singapore. These robots will specifically benefit the elders.

Here are some robots worth mentioning:

1. Xuan

Xuan is the name of the robot created by Ngee Ann Polytechnic. You should know that Xuan can serve as your exercise coach. As of today, Xuan services almost forty senior citizens in Lions Befrienders Senior Activity Centre located at Mei Ling Street. Xuan is not the last because there are other digital companions set to help out the elderly.

2. Eric

Eric the robo-dog is actually short for Elderly Rehabilitative Interactive Companion. Actually, Eric is the first robotic dog here in Singapore that is designed to service the elderly. The dog helps the elderly with their exercise routines at Ling Kwang Home for Senior Citizens. The robo-dog is fortified with visual sensors that permit it to react to the elder’s movements. Eric will surely make the exercise more fun for elders.

3. Pepper

Elders will be excited to hear that there is a robot that can read human emotions. The robot is called Pepper. Pepper is manufactured by SoftBank, a Japanese telecommunications company. Pepper will be released in February of this year.


4. Asimo

Asimo is probably the most popular of all robots. Asimo is created by Honda. It is only 1.3 metres tall and looks like a petite astronaut. The robot can walk, run and climb the stairs. It can also serve a drink and shake one’s hand. Asimo is created to assist people with reduced mobility.

5. Huggler

Elders will be deceived of a stuffed monkey. The stuffed monkey is not your ordinary toy. It can laugh and grunt wherever you touch it. Huggler can help in terms of improving the quality of life of the elders.

Now the old can spend their silver years with robots that do not get tired of serving them. The infinite stamina and the permanent beam of the robots can make a difference. You should support your elderly if they choose to avail of the services of the robots.