Safety Tips When Traveling Alone  

When you finally decided to travel alone, everyone is just looking at you and thinks that you are out of your mind and travelling alone is madness. Let them think whatever they want but no matter what happens, you have to pursue with your plans. For others, travelling alone may be madness but for you, it is self-discovery.


Indeed it is hard to travel alone and you do not know what will happen but you can only hope that you will go home a different person with renewed perspective. If you travel alone, you have to ensure your safety. No one can do that for you except yourself. You only need to rely on yourself. Here are some safety tips when travelling outside Singapore alone:

  • Make friends. Just remember that there is safety in numbers. If you have to go to a place, it is always good to make friends but you need to be careful since not all tourists have good intentions. You also need to make friends with yourself. If you do this, you will not feel alone. You are your own best friend and you won’t feel lonely in a foreign land.


  • Be open to experiences. Doing new things might scare you but the point in travelling alone is to eliminate those negative feelings and be happy with everything around you. If you see someone smiling at you, smile back. Eat local foods and spend time doing local activities.


  • Choose hostels. You will meet a lot of people when you stay at hostels. Yes, hotels are safe but where is the fun in meeting new people? Forget about staying in fancy hotels and just book a hostel. Chances are you will find someone who has the same likes among hostel guests. That brings more vibrant to your trip. If you are kind of constrained, you can always choose couchsurfing. Couchsurfing can give you opportunities to stay with locals and meet other travellers.


  • Smile a lot. Now the most important thing that you can bring with you is your smile. Smile can make a great difference at the end of the day so it is important that you smile. Remember to smile and the whole world will smile back at you.


  • Make friends with locals. Your smile can give you many friends, even local ones. If you want to get first hand recommendation from a local, you have to make friends with them. It won’t hurt you to strike a conversation first and who knows, you will have fun.

Travelling alone can be scary but with the things mentioned above, you will have a safe trip.