Summertime Beach Essentials

Finally, summer is here. We always want to remember every summer so we plan different activities. The famous thing to do during summer is going to the beach. Beach comes first to our list because it is indeed very hot and nothing freshens us up like cooling down in the surf. After rounding up our buddies, and securing our reservation, it is time to pack up.

So what do we need? Here are the beach essentials that you should never forget.

Swimwear – There is nothing wrong if you want to be fashionable in the beach. If you really want to swim with ease and enjoy the water, you should definitely look for that perfect bathing suit. Bikinis are very popular nowadays, but one-piece suites can also work to great effect. For men, swimming trunks or beach shorts will do. Choose footwear that is light and easy to dry.  You can add other accessories like stylish bags, hats and bangles if you want.

Sunscreen – Since it is hot, we should secure lotions with high SPF level. Sunscreens or lotions will help regulate the effect of the sun in our skin. If taken, it will reduce the redness of the skin or sun burns. Sunscreens can also lessen the chances of skin cancer.  Towels to dry our body should be prepared as well. Aside from that, umbrellas and sunglasses will make things easier and comfortable for you.

Water – With all the fun you’ll be having on the waves, you might not notice yourself getting thirsty. Be careful about this because you just might get dehydrated. Make sure to bring lots of bottled water and always have one nearby. Don’t substitute water with alcoholic and caffeinated drinks as these won’t really be effective on quenching thirst and may even make you disoriented.

Medical kit – Heat related illnesses are inevitable especially if we are not careful enough. Illnesses are serious enough for us to be afraid but it doesn’t mean hiding in the house until the end of summer. If it can’t be helped, there are precautions that we should remember to keep the effects minimal. Common illnesses include heat exhaustion, head edema and heat stroke. Since we cannot foresee things, it is better to bring medical kit. In case of bruises and wounds, bandage and disinfectants can make a big difference.

Food – Swimming can be starving sometimes that is why bringing of food is a good idea. You can bring actual food or chips if you want. If you have no time to prepare, beach resorts have their own kitchen. All you have to do is order. They have a wide selection of foods that you don’t usually eat every day. Seafood platters and other meals are offered.

Camera – Every good memory should be captured. Never forget to bring your camera so that if you want to revisit your memories, you can always check your files or pictures. You don’t need to bring a high-end camera, what’s important is to simply record your experience. Fortunately, today’s phones are equipped with cameras with excellent resolutions.