The Perils of Online Shopping and How to Stay Smart  

The rise of online shops has made the lives of more Singaporeans easy and more convenient. If we do not want to go out and deal with the long queue at the counter area, online shopping is definitely for us. No matter the benefit of online shops, there is always peril looming around.


According to some research, online shoppers have higher tendency to spend at least 40% more than their offline counterparts. Knowing this, we should avoid online shopping no matter how pleasing it looks like. Another peril is the probability if buyer’s remorse is higher with online shoppers. Why? In online shopping, we merely see the products and trust in the picture. If we receive it and it is not quite we expected, the remorse is higher compared to a purchase that we touched with our own hands.

Now that we know the perils, we have to shop smart so we do not have regrets at the end of the day and waste our precious money. Here are some tips on staying smart when it comes to online shopping:

  • Search for better deals: More than stores in the mall, we have aplenty of choices when we consider online shops. This should give us a leeway to decide which store or deal is better. The only thing that we should do is allot time and make a research. If we think products are cheap in a specific store, we have to look for another one and maybe prices there are cheaper.


  • Limit our purchases: Limiting our purchases is not as tedious as counting the calories we intake. Limiting purchases is easy if we set an amount and stick to it. The important thing here to note is sticking to our plan. We should limit purchases say $200 a month?
  • Review our cart: Before ticking the “checkout” button, we have to be sure of our purchases. We should not waste money. When making the order, no one should rush us because once we “checkout” we cannot take it back.
  • Read the return policy: Many Singaporeans ignore the return policy because it is lengthy but when we make a mistake, no matter the length, we will read the whole article but then it is too late since we cannot take back our money.
  • Memorize our sizes: To avoid returning a product and wasting money, we have to memorize our sizes and do not rely on our instincts.

Whether we consider online shopping or not, we have to manage our expenses and avoid splurging if we do not want to go broke soon.