Tips to Cool Down Inside Your Home

If you haven’t been living underground for most of your life, you will notice a big difference in the summers of your childhood and today’s summers. The differences are even more obvious in the cities especially those located near the equator because of the cumulative effects to the environment of modernization. How do you survive in this inferno?

Check the ventilation in your home. Do not rely entirely on air conditioners to keep you cool during hot days. You should also keep in mind that air circulation and humidity can be huge factors. You can minimize the heat by making sure to close the curtains on the windows facing the sunlight and to let out the air occasionally by opening the windows near shaded areas.

Avoid caffeine. Limit your coffee consumption to early mornings when the day is still cool. If you need to keep energized at work, you should substitute coffee with other food and beverages. Caffeine is a diuretic, which means you will feel dehydrated easily if you rely on it too much.

Turn off your appliances. If you don’t need lights to move around in your home, then turn them off. You should also put down your cell phone if you have nothing better to do. The heat and light from appliances can make the place warmer.

Avoid alcoholic drinks. Alcohol is also a diuretic like caffeine, so you should limit your alcohol intake as much as possible.

Wear comfortable clothes. If you are staying at home, wear your most comfortable light-colored clothes. But if you need to go to the office, you should choose garments that are made from light fabric and have light colors. Dark colors absorb heat.

Limit protein intake. Protein can increase body heat and metabolism, which is why you should eat more fruits and vegetables instead during hot days.

Limit rigorous workouts. You might want to reschedule biking and hiking to cooler months in the year. Instead, summer should be for less rigorous workout routines like swimming, yoga, and indoor sports. Or you could also schedule your outdoor activities in the early hours of the morning or after sunset when it’s cooler. Stay out of the sun if possible.

Cool off downstairs. If your apartment has a lobby or sitting area in the lobby, you should stay there if your unit feels warm and stuffy. Remember that hot air rises because cool air is heavier. It is also a good opportunity to go to a park where you can enjoy fresh air.

Get a haircut. It is also the best time to get your hair trimmed. You will also spend less time fixing it in the morning.

Keep hydrated. Always take a bottle of water with you to stay hydrated. Do not wait for your body to feel thirsty before drinking water. If possible, avoid fruit juices, sports drinks, and tea because they are sugary. Clean water should be enough.