Top Restaurants to Eat in Chinese New Year

Since Singaporeans was mixed with a little Chinese culture, they are also celebrating Chinese New Year. It is called the Spring Festival in Singapore wherein you will hear them say “Gong Xi Fa Cai”. For sure, Chinese New Year will never be celebrated without food.

Here are the top restaurants to eat during Chinese New Year:

  1. Min Jiang: You will never forget this place as they serve here, the classic style of Claypot Reunion Rice topped with pork bell. For only $108, you can enjoy this dish. Also, they serve duck leg, Chinese sausages and tobiko (this is the flying fish). Apart from this, they also offer their delicious hamachi yu sheng for only $118.
  2. Hai Tien Lo: Here at Hai Tien Lo, they mostly serve sea foods which include salmon, tuna lobster, clams and more.
  3. JING: Boasting their eight menus, you’ll get enough when you eat their Hokkaido scallops, Kurobuta Ribs topped with champagne paste. Also, they serve here Sautéed prawns that you’ll definitely enjoy.
  4. Cherry Garden: Their colorful menu is one you would remember, they offer here dishes like sea cucumber, fish maw, surf clams and salmons.  Also, they serve here fresh vegetables and fruits for health-conscious people.
  5. Man Fu Yuan: Yu- Sheng – one of Man Fu Yuan’s mouth-watering and jaw-dropping specialties. This dish is a combination of Hamachi; salmon, crispy fish skin and ikan parang (wolf herring).
  6. Peach Blossoms: This newly-renovated restaurant builds differences in Singapore cuisine since the newly chosen chef Chan Shun Wong (a Hong Kong native) started to boast his deleicious foods such as the Abalone Treasures Pot and the charcoal-grilled Wagyu yu sheng.