Unconventional Parenting: How to Help Your Child Play E-Sports

Video games have always had a negative reputation among non-gamers, especially among parents who had to deal with the irregular sleep times and spending habits of their kids. But games have grown into a multi-billion-dollar industry bigger than other forms of entertainment. Talented gamers can earn millions from playing competitively.

If you are lucky to be a parent of a budding esports star, here are some tips that might help.

Know the game. Esports are just like any other competitive event. It is not that different from athletic, performance, musical, and even academic competitions. Most professional gamers specialize in one game. Nowadays the most popular are fighting games, strategy games, shooters, and sports. You will have a better understanding of what your child is doing by researching the game, the different competitions, and the rules.

Young man with child on laptop computer

Understand the risks. Even if your kids are not moving around much like when doing sports, there is still a risk of injuries. If your child wants to compete, of course they will need to practice. It is possible, however, to suffer from strains, back pain, collapsed lungs, and carpal tunnel syndrome from spending too much time in front of a computer. Remind your child to look after themselves so that they can keep playing.

Get quality equipment. For practice, they will need the best equipment. That means you should also be familiar with the hardware and peripherals that will be used. You do not have to get the most expensive items, but you should get the best quality equipment you can provide. Don’t worry about the cost too much because most hobbies are expensive anyway. This is not different to buying expensive running shoes for kids who want to try sports.

Encourage them while they are young. The strange thing about competitive gaming is that age does matter. Researchers are not yet sure about it but perhaps reaction time and micromanagement might slow down as a person becomes older. This is why esports is the haven of a lot of young gamers not yet in their 30s. Sure, older gamers can and still compete, but most of the champions are usually the younger ones.

Managing finances. If your child becomes one of the best players around, he/she could rake in millions from competitions and endorsements. Some players who are part of teams even get monthly salaries.

This can be beneficial if your child wants to invest in his/her future because an esports athlete has a shorter career span than a professional sports athlete. You could even get a college scholarship for esports because a lot of colleges and universities now have their own esports teams.

Get to know the community. The beauty of esports is that it is not an isolated community even if majority of the public still think gaming is a niche. The community is more open and accepting to players no matter the physical attributes and background.