Wushu Stances

It pays to learn martial arts. There are many reasons for learning martial arts but whatever reasons you have, it should be noble. If you are a patron of Wushu, you should know that Wufang Singapore signed an exchange agreement with Henan Shaolin Academy from China. The exchange agreement will let masters and students from China share and impart Wushu techniques to masters and students here in Singapore.

You have to be ready for this one and you can start by improving your stances. Here are the three basic Wushu stances:

1.       Horse Stance
In the horse stance, you should first stand straight then pull wrists towards your waist. Your elbows should be behind you. When you assumed this position, you have to spread your feet to maintain a good balance. After that, you need to bend your knees as if you are sitting in an invisible chair.

2.       Bow Stance
After the horse stance, you can progress to bow stance by turning to your left. Start by turning your left foot 90°. You need to straighten your leg then turn 45° to your left. To finish this stance, you need to turn everything above the hips to 90° to your left.

3.       Drop Stance
Assume the horse stance. You only need to turn your shoulders together with your hips to your right. Make sure that it is past your feet. To finish the stance, you simply need to straighten your right leg at the same time sit on your back using your left heel.

Apart from learning the stances, you have to make sure that you practice continuously because it can help you become better. If you want to advance, you have to learn other complicated stances. Wushu is a fun thing to do because you will learn proper posture and discipline. It should be used properly.