Baby Powder, Not Just for Babies

5 Ways to Incorporate Baby Powder in Your Beauty Routine
Every now and then, we tend to come across a common item that manages to become a staple piece in our beauty routine. Coconut oil and toothbrush are some of these items, but the one that has proven its versatility is our good old baby powder. Whether you use it to set your makeup or as an alternative to your dry shampoo, baby powder makes a good household staple that each of us has to have in our homes. What are some other uses of this baby product? Read on and find out.


  1. As a Lipstick Sealer. A lot of celebrities and makeup artists swear by this trick. All you have to do is apply a coat of your favourite lipstick, place a tissue paper over your lips, and dab a powder brush dipped in baby powder over your lips. The powder absorbs excess lipstick oils, making your lipstick last longer.
  1. As an Eyelash Volumizer. Your powder may not look like it, but it actually works wonders as an eyelash plumper. Apply a coat of mascara, lightly brush some baby powder over your lashes, add another coat of mascara, and voila! You now have vavavoom lashes minus the hassle of putting on falsies.
  1. As a Dry Shampoo Alternative. Ran out of dry shampoo? Grab your baby powder and dust some of it onto your roots to get rid of the oiliness. To avoid getting that white cast, apply powder with your hand instead of dusting the product straight from the bottle to your hair.

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  1. As Eyebrow Plumper. Apart from adding volume to your lashes, your baby powder can also work as an amazing eyebrow plumper. Once you’re done filling in your brows, take your spoolie, sprinkle a bit of powder on it, and gently comb your brows with it.
  1. As a Sand Remover. Love the beach but hate removing the sand that’s all over you? Apply some baby powder on the sandy areas of your body, and wipe it off with a clean towel. Now, that’s an instant product addition to your beach bag.

Who would’ve thought that the basic powder we’ve known to be a baby product provides so many uses for adults? It may not look like it, but baby powder can actually do more than simply keeping babies from discomfort.