How to Pick a Restaurant for Your First Date

Are you getting ready for your first date, but you have no idea how to pick the right restaurant? Making a good impression on your date by choosing a relaxing place with good food can leave lasting memories that you can share with your kids when they go on their first date, too.

Here are some ideas to help you pick the right restaurant.

Check the Location

If you want to go to a restaurant with a nice view, but your date will have to travel for hours to get there, then find another place for your first date. Find a restaurant that’s easy to get to and that’s not too far out of the way. Consider your date’s schedule and how he/she will get home if you’re planning to stay late after dinner. Save the restaurant with the nice view for later dates.

Make Sure the Food is Great

Maybe you’re the type who likes to try out different cuisines, but have you considered what your date’s preferences are? What type of food does he/she like? And most importantly, is he/she allergic to or intolerant of certain food or is not allowed to consume a specific food because of tradition or religion?

Asking your date about his/her preferences will be the easiest way to avoid an awkward first date, but if you are planning a surprise, make sure you research days ahead of the planned date. Avoid unusual restaurants with exotic cuisines; you can try those in your later dates As a precaution, you should always have a backup plan in case your date doesn’t like the menu.

Don’t Forget the Price

Make sure that you can afford most of the food on the menu. Remember that even if the date is supposed to impress the person, it’s not the bill he/she will be most concerned with, but your company.

Ask his/her friends about the usual restaurants and cafes he/she goes to and what he/she likes. If one of you feels out of place in a posh restaurant or if your partner feels uncomfortable eating street food, then you might have just blown off the opportunity.

Atmosphere is Everything

The atmosphere of the restaurant will also make a lot of difference, but don’t go to the most expensive restaurants in Singapore just because you’re looking for ambiance. Find something you are both interested in (that is why it’s important to research about your partner), such as the type of food, drinks, music, and other entertainment.

Your date’s personality should be at home with the location, so if your date likes to go to quiet restaurants, surprising him/her with a date at a bar with a live band might not yet be a good idea. You can take him/her there in your later dates.

Make the Necessary Preparations

Pick a restaurant that will take reservations, because you don’t want to end up waiting for hours just to get a table. There are a lot of restaurants that have their own website that you can check if you need to read the reviews, check the menu, and even book reservations.